The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 43

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 43

A man drives in a street marked by potholes before descending from a hill to an intersection. With each turn a car suddenly cuts him off in the road without putting a turn signal leading him to brake erratically as a folder labeled “Harmony Soul” falls from a seat. Behind a line of cars he approaches a street light when he’s cut off by a speeding white car from behind that slows down as the signal turns yellow. Speeding once again the white car leaves the man to wait on a red light when a truck with an “S” emblem makes a turn at the intersection. The street signal is prolonged as several trucks pass through the lane he’s about to merge into.

UNE 43Une reviews the data on Dr. L. that he assembled from the net before taking his leave from the shelter. Following a lead on “The Salmon Drifter” he comes across an abandoned electronic store filled with graffiti in the city. Entering the store he finds a radio and tunes into it to hear the latest of the region’s affairs. On the other side of town Rooster-1 and Nadir inquire about the location of the Luz Libre radio tower. The two men discuss how they could possibly broadcast an S.O.S. to the RU headquarters.

Deep in the Garden of Crime a warehouse is being infiltrated by the RU squad. The unit splits into separate teams to fulfill different set of objectives in the GW factory. One group gathers intelligence on GW’s dealings with Sine Corp. and corruption in the political field. Sifting through information the squad finds material for the Sine Corp. “Obedience Campaign.” Another team comes across a statue of Sine as they secure the parameter to prevent criminals from evading justice.

From a base RU members watch a live feed of Operation: Vine Buster provided by the HAWK II drone. Navigators provide updates to the squad on the conditions of the GW vicinity. As the sweep of the area progresses a squad member is made aware of an underground tunnel where trafficking victims are transported. He finds a hidden entrance and alerts the team as he pursues the head of the criminal stronghold into the darkness.



The Prism Press Special ~ La Luz: Prologue to Chaos II

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

La Luz: Prologue to Chaos II

A darkness envelops the area as a draco hovers over the land while knights halt their arrows under the council of a bearded sage. The marketplace is void of civilians and the men of code take their stance as they prepare to ward off the threat to the innocent. As he looks upon the sky, the sage perceives an aura that doesn’t align with the mythical beast that looms over the village. Sensing a disturbance, the sage sits on the earth and closes his eyes as he begin to concentrate. Like a stringed puppet the dragon opens its mouth and exhales a breath of fire toward the grounded sage.

La Laz ~ Prologue to Chaos02Fire chars the ground leaving a path of destruction as they approach the sage who maintains his posture. A veiled archer holding a shield jumps into the line of fire as trees, grass, and flowers withered under the embers. The flames movement halts after a collision with a light that emanates from the shield held by the warrior. As the pyre peters the light begins to take the shape of a sheep on the archer’s protective guard.

Knights begin taking formation after witnessing the resolve of the warrior who acted as a safeguard against the drake’s flame. Heeding the sage’s words the knights focus on deflecting the dragon’s attacks while he assesses the distortion in order to devise a proper counterstrike. The dragon again exhales fire from its mouth, however, the archer holding “The Sheep Shield” blocks the flames once more. The attack proven to be nullified leads the scaly creature to nosedive and smack the earth with it’s talons. Dirt and gravel fly into the air before raining down toward the knights.

Falling earth pushes back the armored knights who’ve manage to protect the sage who remains deep in a state of inactivity. The Sheep Shield is knocked from the archer’s hand due to the quaking earth and the falling gravel. As the saurian creature poises for another strike the veiled warrior stands in front of it’s path. The sage opens his eyes and beholds the clash between a warrior’s burning soul against the sinister emerald aura. Moved by the warrior’s gumption he rises to his feet to bestow special arrows to counter the aura that has stolen the drake’s freedom.

The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 42

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 42

Dawn rises as a man carrying a pack walks through a district looking around at the surrounding buildings. He walks through brown leaves that lay scattered on the ground before entering a complex. Taking shelter from the outside the man takes a seat as he rubs his hands together. After warming himself up he takes out a laptop to look at compiled data as he waits for the temperature to warm up. While working he overhears people talking about “The Salmon Drifter” who modified the brace of Arbitrary Numbers days ago.

On the other side of the metropolis members of Luz Libre continue their efforts on repairs. Inside a technician carefully takes apart a Sine drone piece by piece in order to find a flaw which can help to create safeguards against future attacks. In another room a man continues to fiddle with a radio frequency in hopes of establishing contact with others who are fighting for the same cause. Outside a team inspects the parameter of the radio tower to find areas that require attention.

UNE 42Static sounds from a modified walkie-talkie that Rooster-1 holds as he switches frequency. He walks to a different location and holds up the device in order to find a better connection. Seated on a bench Nadir concentrates as he attempts to decrypt the information that Une left behind in the USB. Sifting through a stream of damaged data he finds details on the Neural brace that wasn’t in The Voider Archive. Continuing to fiddle with the frequency Rooster-1 manages to find a weak signal and tries to make contact with the source. However, due to magnetic jamming he’s only able to make out “radio tower” in the message.

The RU unit deploys for The Garden of Crime to execute Operation: Vine Buster in the GW warehouse. A small team flies on chopper to a specified location before transferring on a land vehicle to their target point. Monitoring the status of the GW facility through the HAWK II visual the team makes final adjustments before approaching their destination.

The Prism Press Special ~ La Luz: Prologue to Chaos

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

La Luz: Prologue to Chaos

Sun shines upon a marketplace filled with clamoring townsfolk and knights who patrol the area on horseback. In an open field archers grab arrows from their quiver and breath deeply before firing on the center of the bull’s-eye. Spectators watch as the archers vie with honor to win a set of special arrows offered by a sage who yearns to be moved by the burning soul of a warrior. The competition is conducted by knights who wish to witness the skills of the young marksman.

La Luz ~ Prologue to Chaos01One by one arrows hit their mark and one archer manages to pierce through an arrow protruding from a target. The spectators are astonished by the precision of the veiled marksman who goes over to retrieve the arrow. The knights and the sage look on at the silent archer who fires another quill once again. With eyes wandering off to the distance, the sage observes rustling bushes and beholds a fawn that appears wounded. As he’s about to move toward the woodland creature the veiled archer carefully approaches the deer and dresses it’s wound.

The competition is about to enter the next stage as the fawn scampers off into the forest. Observing the reserved marksman’s actions the sage watches with anticipation as the next round is about to commence. In the forest animals start fleeing as a tremor shakes the terra on which they inhabit. Clouds suddenly appear in the sky and darkness begins to blanket the field as the villagers begin running from the looming danger.

Lightning strikes the earth and a winged drake emerges from the dark nimbus that now shrouds the field. Looking to the sky the sage is perplexed by the sudden emergence of the scaly creature as it resides in a cave in a distant region. As the marketplace falls into disarray knights quickly evacuate the people to begin their counteroffensive. However, an electrical force prevents arrows from piercing the dragon that hovers in the sky. The old sage halts the knights from firing at the creature as he notes that it’s eyes are hazy as if under a suggestion.

The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 41

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 41

Underground, a man walks through a dark tunnel with a glow stick on hand while listening for sounds coming from above. Cautiously navigating terrain damaged by early tremors the man makes his way to a ladder. Lugging a pack on his back he steadily climbs to the top until he reaches the surface. Nearly dawn the man surveys his surroundings before moving ahead to his next destination.

The RU force gives a briefing to the scout in preparation for an upcoming mission. A layout of the GW compound is presented to the men who will infiltrate and rescue the people held against their will. Each squad member is given a folder containing data on the objectives as well as the risks for the assignment. They are dismissed and each RU member heads to their quarters to prepare for Operation: Vine Buster.

UNE 41As the RU unit awaits deployment each member takes the time to prepare themselves. One member reviews the supplies that they will use for the upcoming guerilla strike. Others prepares themselves through breathing exercises and visualization of the mission. Each member takes the appropriate steps to prepare for the task while their means of transport is readied. As the unit remains on standby the HAWK II drone is launched ahead to scout the facility where the strike will take place.

Traveling at high-speed the HAWK II reaches the airspace of The Garden of Crime and provides a live feed. At the RU base the team observes a monitor showing the trucks that are transporting the illegal contraband and possibly captives. A limo shows up at the facility and the foreman hands over an envelop to a political figure who lobbied for GW’s activities. The unit continues to watch the screen to get a better scope of the zone that they’ll be storming and begin talking about team formation.

The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 40

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 40

Inside a sealed room a man in white sporting a headset and a brace eats his meal as someone talks through a PA system. The intrusive voice speaks that thoughts of the prisoner and dictates what he should feel. The indignant man rises to his feet and punches the door of the blank quarters as he hears the voice of his captor. A brief silence fills the room as the unshaven man clutches his hand when the voice sounds again. As he’s disparaged the man rubs his wrist which bears the brace marked “Model 0.”

Laying on a bench and buried under a newspaper a man in a salmon sweater rises to his feet after awakening from sleep. A brace on his wrist begins to flicker light prompting him to reach for a bag under a bush behind him. Taking out tools from the bag he begins to calibrate the brace’s circuitry.

In desolate block a duo looks both ways before crossing over to a damaged building in the middle of the night. Rooster-1 and Nadir steadily walk through the cracked hallway of the apartment as they approach the room Une had been occupying. Nadir reaches for the door knob and opens it to find a charred room. Both men look around the dwelling to find remnants of enemy fire but no sign of Une nor his belongings. As they exit the room they find a fresh flower pot in the hallway. Rooster-1 grabs the ceramic décor from the floor and reaches in to find a USB.

UNE 40Faraway from the metropolis a RU assembly takes place with representatives weighing the gravity of information that has been presented to them. One member addresses the group about the grace period that they have given Sine Corp. for disarming and reformation. Illegal operations continue in spite of efforts to create direct dialogue for amicable resolutions. In light of evidence against The Green Witch’s (GW) activities RU members authorize Operation: Vine Buster, a guerilla strike to shut down the facility and to liberate the captives.

The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 39

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 39

Scientists and mechanics are inside a hanger working on a craft in development. The hanger door closes as materials are transferred over by carts and a small truck. A group looks out through the glass of the hanger door beholding an open runway surrounded by a fence in the distance. Several drones marked HAWK II hover around the parameter of the facility surveying for anomalies. Making a round by a tower that monitors the airspace a couple of the drones dock inside the hanger.

UNE 39Space exploration like many other things on Earth had taken a backseat as a result of war, tyranny, and division. Many resources such as time, money, and manpower have been focused toward petty wars that caused damage to the environment. Countless issues that plague mankind could be resolved if the same energy used for conflict was redirected for utilitarian purposes. The latest “Sine Wars” has put a halt on the development of technologies aimed for venturing into space. With command of the weather device Sine Corp. has made it difficult for probes to be launched from the earth. Speculation among the aeronauts community indicate that the Sine satellites orbit around the stratosphere and beyond.

A dawn light hits the sky in the metropolis as a group of people equipped with tools stand outside a radio tower poised to work another day. A handyman on top of the steel structure carefully removes a remnant of the latest Sine drone. He tosses the cold metal apparatus to a fellow who brings it inside the neighboring building for analysis by the resident technician. Electricians fiddle with the wiring inside the Luz Libre base of operations as they work to restore function in the building.

The Sine drone is taken to a room where a technician opens a panel to learn the circuitry. There he finds a memory chip that is still in tact and precedes to extract with care. A group observes the techie at work as they deliberate on the next step they should be taking. One among the group suggests that they attempt to respond to a signal from a faction they received weeks ago during their latest transmission.