The Prism Press Special: LUZ 59

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 59

Fireflies float in a garden in the night as an elder steps away from Nature’s cradle to face an approaching menace. Facing a charred creature with the mark of a blue skull on it’s arm the old man holds out a wooden staff. Forming a stance the senior botanist observes the intruder’s actions before making a move. A chill blows away the fireflies from the garden as the beast pounces at the old man who counters with a swirling hurricane slash.

LUZ 59Withered leaves float down at the edge of a precipice onto an immobile Alas who nods away. The broken Gaia sword clutched on his hand like an extension of himself. The lunar sphere in the heavens casts a light upon the dark chasm where the fatigued boy remains sleeping.

Alas watches as dark clouds fuse together to create a winged shadow dragon. Miseria commands the pseudo-drake to eliminate the young man who stands before her. The winged beast in the sky turns around to face Alas and exhales flames that chars everything in its path including Miseria. Without time to dodge the warrior narrowly evades a direct hit but is burned from the heat of the streaming flames.

The young man braces himself for a second round of the shadow beast’s assault. Recoiling from his burns Alas runs into a straggler from the horde he battled earlier but quickly sidesteps as the winged beast lets out another attack. Leaping behind a boulder he avoids a fireball strike that hits the minion of the blue mist, however, the giant rock crumbles from the force of the attack. Facing the dragon the battered Alas draws the Gaia sword in a defensive stance as he faces the charred troll and the shadow dragon.

The pseudo-drake flies past the burnt troll and nosedives straight for the young man who blocks with his sword which begins to crack. Running through the forest the warrior see’s the wildlife that have been devastated by the vanity of the puppeteer and his madam. After luring the beast to the precipice Alas prepares to block the next attack. The drake descends once again toward the swordsman cracking the sword further and knocking him off the cliff. As he falls the young man thrust the sword at the rocky edge to slow his descent but the blade snaps in two.


The Prism Press Special: LUZ 58

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 58

A crescent moon looms over a cliff as a young man places a broken wooden sword on a sash slung over his back. A cold wind howls as he bandages wounds on his shoulder with a piece of torn fabric. He looks up at the stars before preparing to scale the rocky wall that stands before him. Grabbing on to an edge that protrudes from the earth he recoils briefly from a burn, but starts to climb towards the top.

The hermit rests outside in the garden meditating as he awaits the return of Alas and his old companion, the falcon. The tranquility that the old botanist is enjoying is interrupted by rattling bushes. A growl sounds from the distance, however, the old man remains seated in a state of nothingness. Leaves scatter from the bushes as a creature with a blue skulled mark on it’s arm leaps out in the open. Sensing the intruder the hermit swiftly rises and steps away some distance from the garden to face a snarling beast afflicted with burns.

Black leaves float in the air as a dark nimbus shaped like a winged dragon hovers in the sky. A dark void closes as the intangible darkness vanishes leaving the ominous cloud in the sky. Below the rocky ravine Alas steadily scales the top in spite of his injuries when he reaches a plateau midway to the surface. Resting his eyes with his back against the rough sediment the young man contemplates the nights events as he holds out the broken Gaia sword.

LUZ 58Dissolving her disguise Miseria extends her icy nail toward the fatigued Alas who manages to block the sneak attack. Huffing he runs to make distance from the green hag who conjures up a curse with a talon on hand. The warrior maintains a defensive stance when the talon vanishes summoning dark clouds that merge to form a pseudo-drake.

The Prism Press Special: LUZ 57

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 57

At the edge of a cliff, a sole warrior stands firm against a flood of minions like a superstorm summoned by a dark hand. Gripping the hilt of the wooden sword he takes a strike against the first troll-like creature that made an attempt at his head. The dark entity falls off the edge to it’s doom while others rush toward the young man who dashes into the swarm with blazing eyes. Jumping and sidestepping the enemy under the setting sun the swordsman strikes them down one after another until the creatures dissolve into blue mist.

LUZ 57The crescent moon hovers in the sky as the warrior continues the melee with the blue skulled creatures. As the warrior runs in the midst of battle donning tattered clothes the horde moves in premeditated formation. The young man aware that he’s being forced to follow the path that the enemy has laid out does so with a sharp eye. Observing his surroundings Alas tries to find a way to shift the tide of the battle in his favor.

Finding himself covered by trees the warrior continues swinging his sword against the stragglers when he hears chanting in the distance. Calling memories from past experience the young man evades set traps and makes his way to a towering tree that is guarded by a monster. There he spots the silhouette of the puppeteer who’s been afflicting a curse on him. The creatures catch up to the warrior as he takes aim with the Gaia sword and flings the blade at the wizard. Alas is tackled to the ground as the sound of the craven caster falling from the tree is heard.

The creatures that piled on top of the warrior fade into the vile mist as crickets chirp. As the young man walks through bushes to retrieve his sword and to see the face of his enemy he spots the old man. He asks the figure standing in the distance that if he’s seen what just transpired moments ago but there’s a denial. The fatigued warrior finds the Gaia sword hanging from a branch when the air suddenly gets colder as the man approaches him saying, “You can take what you want if you have power with the right training.” Sprinting to grab the wooden sword from the branch Alas turns to block a close range icy nail strike from the disguised Miseria.

The Prism Press Special: LUZ 56

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 56

Under a starry sky a lassie with a falcon perched on her shoulder listens to a story her companion recounts, “Days of the Knights.” As the seated junior stares attentively at her compatriot who rests on a hammock she witnesses a constellation of a canine form in the sky. The maiden clutches the necklace around her neck as she concludes the evenings chapter with a line from the knight, “Those who use their powers to harm or destroy senselessly are no different from bandits who raise their swords on the innocence.” A sharp wind blows against a tree, yanking a couple of leaves from their branches.

LUZ 56Leaves float in the air moving away from the field of sunflowers as a breeze sends them dancing in the night sky. A leaf makes it to a precipice where wood and other materials lay scattered on the ground due to some struggle. The leaf lands on the edge of a cliff where a young man stares at a constellation in the night sky with his arm over his forehead. Clutching to a hilt of a wooden sword now split in two the battered warrior stares at the sky as he exhales a deep breath. The light from the stars makes the young man’s eyes grow heavy swaying them to close.

At a cliff Alas holds up the necklace that was entrusted to him by Girasole long ago toward the sun. In a glow of light the bell vanishes in the blue sky as the young man continues his training with the Gaia sword. Remembering his past battles against the blue skulled beasts the young man prepares himself for a training exercise. Using evasive maneuvers he dodges enemy attacks in his image training. As he’s about to counter with a swing of his sword he stops midway as he detects a presences in the distant trees.

Holding a firmer grip on the Gaia sword Alas remains still as he waits for the intruder to make his move. Silence blankets the air as neither the young man nor the opposite party moves an inch. Birds begin to fly away from their nest as a bush rustles in the distant trees and Alas turns with his sword to face the threat to the forest. Maintaining a defensive stance the warrior in training stares down a legion of creatures of the blue mist as they rush to his position.

The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 29

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 29

The blazing sun radiates in the barren desert as the wild inhabitants instinctively head for shade. Cactus stand towering, casting a shadow on the beige surface for a reptilian to take cover. The blue skies are vacant of vultures that routinely circle overhead waiting for something to scavenge on the ground below. A gentle breeze blows away sand grains from a solar panel which continues to absorb sunlight.

S0NG LOG 29As a man roams through a garden within a land buried by the sands of time he takes in the aromatic scent that blankets it. As he gazes around, the visitor is astonished by the arboreta that has prospered without the aid of sunlight. Several outdoor lantern posts stand tall within the flowery paradise as they emit a special light that resonates with the plants. Remembering the Snoopy Fountain the lone man deduces that there must be a water source that connects to the garden.

Following the path that the light has laid out in Nature’s cradle the explorer takes a rest on a bench. Drawing out his journal S0NG jots down what he has observed in the garden then follows up with a quick sketch. At his own pace he passes through the gallery of botany some with sign posts now wrapped by a thin layer of branch and leaves.

Venturing further the trekker witnesses as a seed of a plant falls from a tree in the distance. As he approaches the tree a woodland creature climbs down from the tree one that he’s only seen in texts that he read. Standing on it’s two feet the small life form reaches for the fruit and nibbles on it before scampering away. Looking up where the fluffy tailed creature climbed S0NG spots avian creatures that he hasn’t seen on the surface chirping a tune.

The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 28

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 28

In a city covered by sand and terra one explorer makes his way through the treacherous path alone. After passing through damaged roads and pavement the traveler makes a stop at a fountain that continues to give water. Meanwhile on the surface sand is blown by the passing zephyr while the life spring flows down in an arch.

Having set camp S0NG rests to recover from fatigue due to his long quest in the barren world. Going through his journal the explorer takes a retrospective look at what transpired up to this point. Days pass as he sleeps by the fountain that conveys a message to visitors.

S0NG LOG 28The lone man sets out from the “Snoopy Fountain” and passes through a path that is filled with botany. The different plants give out a myriad of colors and scents that overwhelm the visual and olfactory senses of passersby.

Moving forward the wander continues his journey with the message on the plaque engraved in his soul. After a pause to make an entry on the journal he found long ago the trekker continues the path that he’s plotted. Seeking the future while learning lessons from the past, he carries the burning embers of hope in the present.

The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 27

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 27

Below the sands a lone man traverses the rail system where he makes his way through a stairwell. Making several detours while passing through collapsed rubble he manages to find a path that leads to a metropolis. Entering through a crack hole in the wall’s foundation the man finds himself under a vacant zone.

Exploring the region he spots tall brick structures, solar panels, plant life, and a statue made of stone. He passes through a street that appears to have been devastated in some sort of chaos. On the center, the pavement on the road has a crevasse with a parameter that measures several feet in length and width. Old rusted machines remain unoccupied on the vacant road now standing as relics of the past.

S0NG LOG 27The explorer continues to head to the facility that he found on the map in the rail station as he takes the sights. He has some difficulty navigating the area as the terrain has seen considerable change since the map was charted. In spite of the roadblock S0NG continues through the archaic land when he comes across a park with a fountain in the center that continues to give off water.

Taking a break the trekker walks toward the fountain and finds a plaque with an inscription. Having studied the language during his journey the wandering traveler makes out a message. Taking out a piece of paper from his journal and a piece of charcoal S0NG places it over the engraved plaque and traces over. Standing over the fountain he reads, “Snoopy Fountain: Innocent Dreams, Hopes, Memories, and Youths of Tomorrow are The Next Genesis to Life.”