The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 04

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 04

A sudden gust of wind blows over a sand dune causing vultures to fly elsewhere. Rusted automobiles are pounded by the flying grains of sand. Clouds begin to cover the sun and the sky becomes grey as the sand flies overhead.

In a library buried deep within the desert-like zone S0NG finishes jotting down information when he hears a sound. Rushing out to see the cause of the commotion he looks at the glass ceiling which reveals the storm that is occurring on the outside. Acting quickly the lone man takes the books and a pack of supplies with him to the staircase leading to the outside. Putting on a veil and a mask that he obtained from one of the shops the explorer reaches the surface.

Making a run toward a rocky cave S0NG watches as the storm buries the old building along with knowledge of the past that he didn’t have the chance to study. The wind howls as everything in his field of vision is a grainy beige. Exhausted the hardened trekker takes a short nap after sprinting out of the building that now vanished under the dry sand.

S0NG logofrag04Awakening after a undefined interval S0NG steps out of the cavern when he doesn’t hear the whistling winds. There he beholds a topography radically changed by the forces of nature in the region. Unable to pinpoint where the building once stood the explorer adds an entry on his log before continuing his march in the barren land.


The Prism Press Special ~ La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XVI

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XVI

A maiden practices her archery by firing arrows at a single point on a tree. Taking a careful breath the marksman releases an arrow from her bow and hits the bulls-eye. Wiping her forehead the dame looks on at the night sky and beholds a newly formed constellation. A rustling sound comes from the bushes prompting the archer to swiftly lower her gaze and grab a quill before taking aim.

An armored warrior helps pick books off from the ground as a lady ensures everything’s in her checklist. The knight asks the woman what she’s doing in the forest at night and she responds that she was running from bandits. He inquires about the fiends and the book keeper explains that her village was invaded by a gang of men carrying torches.

La Luz ~ Prologue to Chaos016The clerk had received a request for specific books that contain text that can help bring an end to the chaos that is spreading in the region. The woman had been warned that there are those who will attempt to suppress her through whatever means just to keep the information away from others. The one pulling the strings is afraid that others will gain power through the knowledge and won’t be subjected to their “prestige.” Clouds part from the night sky as the knight escorts the woman through the jade labyrinth while she continues with the story.

Making his way to another town the sage takes note that bandits have pillaged the market place. Walking through he passes by what used to be a library now burnt to the ground. Taking in the sight he laments the needless destruction and the loss of knowledge. He calls out for anyone who needs help but no one responds as the village is desolate. Taking a seat the man rests his folded hands on a stone table while contemplating his next move.

The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 03

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 03

Dimly lit bulbs lead the path as a man ventures inside a derelict building uncovered by a passing storm. Referring to a map on the center of what once was a plaza the man ascertains the location of a terminal where knowledge is held. Jotting down the information the explorer once again heads down an escalator corrupted by rust while observing the sectors that once housed commerce.

As his footsteps echo inside S0NG come across an old shop where he gathers supplies for the journey ahead. Grabbing a flashlight he presses a button after changing a new battery and then heads out to seek the terminal in question. The levels of the building is a myriad but the explorer is intent in acquiring the information that brought him to this point.

After walking down several stair cases S0NG reaches the floor that houses the center of archives Passing through a door he tries flipping switches but power doesn’t surge through the machine. Unable to access information S0NG goes through cabinets and takes out folders containing sheets of paper. There he skims through the contents that is written in a language that seems archaic to him. Moving to different section of the library S0NG seeks a book that contains information on the language in question.

S0NG LOG 03Upon locating a reference book S0NG finds a table and begins to study the characters and the rules of the old language. The use of numbers and exclamation is familiar while the letters are difficult to discern one from another. Several hours pass while delving deep into the pages and the lone man rises to stretch out his arms. S0NG hears a distant sound inside the building which leads him step out of the library to discover the cause.

The Prism Press Special ~ La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XV

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XV

A sole knight makes his way into a forest under the cosmos visible in the night sky. Reaching a fork in the road the knight heads to the path where woodland creatures and travelers avoid. Following a trail of destruction the lone traveler spots in the distance a wounded lady. As he approaches the woman an ape leaps from the trees and looms above the armored knight.

Timing his movement the warrior looks straight up at the primate’s eyes and sees the lifeless stare of a puppet. In spite of the weight of the his armor the knight is able to move with agility. Avoiding the ape’s stomp the warrior lands an uppercut at the creature’s jaw and knocks it down. From the distance a man fumbles from the bushes as if feeling the force of the knight’s flying fist. Hearing the shaking leaves the knight confronts the wizard who was manipulating the ape and draws his sword.

Cropped Chaos015.5The craven man summons trolls from the blue mist and orders them to destroy the lone knight. A horde emerges with raised claws but the warrior takes them out in a flash as quickly he re-sheathed his blade. Flustered the wizard who enslaved his soul for petty power attempts to call forth more beings of darkness. Taking out a flute the knight plays a melody and breaks the trance as he approaches the wicked mage.

Unsheathing his sword the knight says, “Those who use their powers to harm or destroy senselessly are no different from bandits who raise their swords on the innocence.” As he prepares to cross blades with the forces of darkness a straggling troll targets the distressed lady. Heeding his code the knight turns to protect the lady while the rattled puppeteer manages to delay his meeting with the blade of karma. The dark mist disperses and the ape vanishes into the stars while the knight walks through a trail of scattered books to reach the woman.

The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 02

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 02

Chilly winds rush against a makeshift tent in the middle of a desert at the dark of night. The tent’s walls flap open as the mighty wind howls in the desolate sand and the lone soul fights to keep the shelter intact. A notebook falls to the ground and a lamp illuminates the header which reads, “S0NG.” Taking hold of the cotton like canvas fabric S0NG fights the zephyr in a tug of war. Standing firm S0NG’s hands resist the frosty wind as it tries to tear the tent apart.

Daybreak sheds light upon a caved in tent that lay within the sandy terrain. Underneath S0NG sleeps after a night of battling a storm to keep the tent grounded. As the sun rises the air swelters which prompts him to get up and begin an inspection of the storm’s aftermath.

S0NG LOG 02Walking through the barren land the inquisitive explorer runs into an archaic structure that remained hidden from sight. Patting away remnant sand from the old building S0NG comes across an inscription that he doesn’t recognize. Taking notes he transcribes the unfamiliar characters into his journal while making a quick sketch of what he sees. Finding a door S0NG manages to pry it open and cautiously enters to see what lies in the path ahead.

Taking a long flight of stairs that descend S0NG comes across what appears to be a center. Finding a detailed map the adventurer manages to pinpoint his location and discovers that there are many levels in the building. Gazing up at a glass ceiling S0NG gets a glimpse of a past that had been buried under the sands of time.

The Prism Press Special ~ La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XIV

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XIV

Walking through an underground tunnel a woman carries with her books that she was tasked with locating for a patron of the library. As she makes her way to a ladder the lady overhears commotion from the surface. Carrying the books on her back the woman steadily climbs up toward the surface mindful of the peril that may wait above.

La Luz ~ Prologue to Chaos014In the foggy forest a wolf stands between a lassie and two troll-like creatures that seek a trophy for their hunt. The menacing beings begin moving but the wolf reflects the steps that they take. As it lets out a mighty howl the fog becomes thicker and cloaks the wolf and the girl. Unable to see their prey the creatures remain still when suddenly they’re attacked from behind.

Sprinting at high speed the wolf knocks down a troll to the ground while emitting a piercing sound that drives the standing enemy to lunacy. The wicked creature gets up when it is attacked by it’s cohort.

Bark from a tree is hear crunching as one of the monsters is knocked again in their tussle. Unable to see, the two trolls attack one another as they destroy each other with their malice. Grasping the chance the wolf lifts the lassie on it back and runs off from the battlefield. Running through the fog the wolf navigates the verdant labyrinth without trouble as if it’s sole is familiar with the terra.

Stopping by a camping ground the canine lower itself to drop off the girl. Feeling gratitude for the noble creature’s selfless act the lassie gently strokes the wolf’s fur. The fog that shrouded the woodlands begins to fade and the wolf takes its leave of the girl. With quick steps the wolf takes a giant leap as it glows with a bright light and vanishes before the maiden’s eyes. Under the starry sky La Vista stares at the constellation of the canine with fond memories in her heart. Elsewhere in the forest, close to a tree striped of bark Sola stands where blue mist fades away.

The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 01

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 01

Scorching wind blows across a region covered in sand filled with totaled crafts and metal spread across the ground. A lizard crawls from the archaic structures in search of bugs while a cluster of vultures circle above the sky. The grainy sand taps against the metal of the immobile vehicles which startles the lizard out of hiding and a vulture screeches.

The sound of sand being packed into the ground breaks the lifeless ambience. In the distance a stranger walks under the blazing sun while soles sink into the sandy surface with each step. Donned under a cloak the roaming soul stops upon sighting the wreckage and marches towards it for inspection.

Salvaging a relic of a history forgotten by the world the stranger takes a fragment of a mineral and jots notes on a journal. Deciding to break from trekking after countless suns the wanderer digs a deep hole in the sand before placing a pot and covering the crevasse with a transparent wrap. Afterward, the stranger explores the remnants of metal that lay across the barren sands.

The Next GenesisSunset dims the radiant light prompting the explorer to go over to check on the buried pot in the sand. Carefully removing the wrap covering in the hole the stranger retrieves the pot and tips it over to fill a canteen with water. Upon clearing out the supplies the trekker enters a makeshift tent in preparation of the cold night. Taking out the journal and staring at a blank page the lone soul steps out to gaze at the starry night sky.