Refueling Your Life-force: Motivation & Resolve. Prepare for Launch!

Sketch of Aircraft by Edwin Escolero


Ever feel like “Ugh” as if something is draining your energy or something? Perhaps you’re running through the same motions or feel like there isn’t anything interesting in your life. Lethargy make one sluggish and inattentive if unaddressed, so how do we fix that?

There’s many reasons why you may feel spent but it’s important not to lose that flame that keep you going. You can try to find something that stimulates you, something that interests you and encourages you to use the ole noggin. Like spring cleaning you have to do something that requires mental energy to clear out those old cobwebs.

You could find a book or read articles that deal with a subject matter of your interest. Maybe you want to challenge yourself just for the heck of it and write about what you read.

If you’re studying for a test and feel like your head is in overload you could give yourself a break to stretch and walk around. It is important know when to pause so you don’t overtax yourself and to prevent burnout. Taking a quick stroll can help shake off mental fatigue which enables you focus better and retain information.

The physical condition is another factor in energy level, mood, and mobility. Your ever felt invigorated after a workout or a long jog. Adrenaline pumps through the body giving you a temporary boost and activates during a process called “Flight or fight.” Being involved a physical activity can lead to this process whether you’re playing a sport such as basketball, running or peddling a bike.

Maintenance is an ongoing process which varies from person to person so keep at when you can. Exercise, diet and rest play a role in the process so don’t neglect one over the other.

Associations can be a factor in fatigue and energy levels. If you’re with someone who siphons your life-force then distance yourself from him or her and limit contact with them. If it’s at school or work then you’ll have to make due and exercise professional courtesy.

To recap the list mental stimulation, the physical condition, and associations are some elements that contribute to energy levels. There needs to be a balance with the three and one must be consistent to ward off fatigue and burnout. Remember to refuel, rest and prepare for launch!


Pick a Card Any Card, The Freedom to Choose or The Fixed Outcome

Photo of Deck by Edwin Escolero


Ever feel like whatever choice you make it is inconsquential like drawing a card from a deck full of Jokers.

Well life seems to have it’s fill of Jokers we may have to follow the motion just get through the next one. Sometimes we’re going to run into the same old road block that impedes our forward motion but we have to continue the path ahead.

The majority shouldn’t forfeit their freedom nor individual thought just to please a small clique that doesn’t share the needs or concerns of others. People should keep a firm grip on what gives them their identity, their true self. If you give up your individuality especially to someone who doesn’t empathize with your endeavors in life then he or she will take control and do your thinking without your own input.

Staying true to yourself and not conforming has its price but it is something that one must confront in life. Based on personal observations you can either pretend to be something that you are not and be a buzzkill just to get a fading high or find something that draws out your passion and stirs a sense of confidence.

Exercise your ablility to say yes or no and make your stance clear. If you want choose a shirt, pick a partner, go hiking, cross a bridge, or etc. you decide for yourself not someone who isn’t you. You’ve lived your life you should be able to choose the card that you want and not one that someone has sneaked into the deck.

There will be moments that you have to decide if this or this person is good for me or not. Just remember your experiences when deliberating and follow through on your choice. So lets shuffle the deck and draw just don’t pick the Joker.

Where are you going? Navigating the Bridge to Life.

Image of Bridge by Edwin Escolero


Red or blue, left or right, fruit or salad how do we decide what is better. There really isn’t a clear road to take when striving to improve one’s self. For instance you can challenge yourself by dieting or exercising which may or may not yield immediate results. Reaching the final stage toward your goal takes time and some gumption so don’t not fret.

There’s going to be fakeouts meaning they’ll be those who feign concern for you. The inexperienced may find themselves in a pitfall, however, they’ll recognize the pattern soon enough. Be wary of “sweet” words, like sugar it can be toxic especially considering the source its coming from. For instance, you’ll hear that if you do this for “Blank” he or she will protect you but if you don’t conform you gonna deal with some potholes.

There’ll be no sugarcoating here, life is tough but you got to keep charging ahead and assert yourself until you reach your target goal.

Being around the block for some time I find if you have a good support system the process of reaching your endgame will be expedited. Meaning if you surround yourself with people who genuinely wish for your success then you can move on from point A to B and so on. They will help you identify and strengthen your weak points while not disparaging you.

Like deciding on a car, a school, shoes, or etc. you must determine if it is right for you. You’ll have to ask yourself, “Is this good for me will it help me move to point B and so on.”

Overall, you can’t Game Shark your way in life, you got to hustle and learn from experience in order to cross the bridge to point B. You not alone as this is something we all have to confront and overcome as individuals.

Charting the Roadmap to Change!

Charting the Roadmap to Change.jpg
Road Path Photo by Edwin Escolero

Change, why do we do seek it while others try avoid it? What discoveries are made by striving to change our lives?

An unspoken truth is that people tend to dread the unknown. Encountering unfamiliarity’s may make some feel powerless which is especially true for those who’re accustomed to having their way. It is important to understand that not everyone is compatible with the same person and not all will see eye to eye. However, learning to consider new opinions can help one become well-rounded and evolve the mode of thinking.

When driving to a street that one is not familiar with we may be lost in the beginning but once we get through the learning curb we’ll be driving through the road of change. It’s good to be reflective as to avoid bumps, unwanted detours and the same potholes that have been encountered in the past.

Whether it’s about deciding on a new project, a different cooking recipe, taking on a sport, moving on from a relationship or a onetime crush, or deciding to purchase a bike or car it is up to us to decide. We can ask for different opinions to weigh the options available to us. Ultimately, we’re the authors of our own life and we can choose to follow someone else’s script or go forward toward the horizon of change!

Individuality: The Soaring Soul

Sky Orange
Sunset sky photo by Edwin Escolero

What do we value most in our lives’ is it our sense of individuality or the inclusion within a group? Individuality is the essence of our being, who we are, our soul which is the real self. How real is your soul, are you living according to your code or are you following a group mentality?


Maverick thinking can lead to new ideas or innovations that have the potential to do good if it is nurtured in a caring manner that is honest. Take Benjamin Franklin for example, people during his era must have jeered or uttered lunacy when he wanted to harness the power of lightning. Through trial and error ideas can grow and evolve to soar high like a kite in the sky.

When conforming it is assumed that one is part of a group and accepts the ideas of the hierarchy. Whether part of a clique one is expected to follow the motion of the group without questioning anything. Not questioning certain actions can have adverse effects it they’re not done with good intentions. However, there are groups that work to help out others and promote cooperation through a shared sense of responsibility.

Those who follow their own convictions respect the thoughts of others and don’t impose or force their mindset. There’s a desire for open discussion and debate to open new channels of thought and advocate growth. Cliques may wander away from discussion and use pressure if left unquestioned.

Overall, individuality may present isolation or solitude depending on who you are but conformity may lead to a false self that doesn’t bring fulfillment to the soul. Whether you agree or disagree with this blogger’s opinion about individuality and conformity is entirely your right to free will and shall be respected.

Coaching the Challenger Within

Ever dream of reaching a new height in life? This is a dream that some people have achieved through dedication and hard work. Success is not easily attained in life as there are obstacles that are placed to delay your progress. Challenging yourself can be helpful toward bettering yourself.

Giving ourselves self-imposed challenges can help us to improve our skill as well as gain insight about our strengths and weakness.

If you like to write and are not attending school at the moment, why not give yourself a writing assignment to practice structure and spur creativity. If you’re an athlete and the season for your sport is over, you can continue to train to stay competitive for the future.

Football player sketch by Edwin Escolero

In life is there isn’t always going to be someone to motivate you when you hit a wall, you have to be your own coach. Like coaches in football you have to be tough on yourself and push yourself to exceed your limit. You are the best coach that you will have in life because you want to charge into that field and win in the big game called life.


We can reflect on our mistakes, thinking of solutions and different ways to improve ourselves. It is important to give an honest look at oneself analytically but not allow regret or vexation to get in the way of fixing the problem. There is no cheat sheet to life you have work on the game plan as it unfolds.

There will be a couple of fouls and fumbles in life, however, we have to dust ourselves off, make a new game plan, train, and charge ahead. Consistency is important as we train ourselves so we don’t get rusty and feel overwhelmed tackling an art or skill. We should work to improve in what we’re passionate about and ourselves as individuals even after attaining success so we can keep it.

Sowing the Seeds of Trust.

Sow Seeds of Trust
Tomato plant photo by Edwin Escolero


What is trust? Is it a means to gain confidence or approval from someone, or is it just another word that has no context in today’s world. Whether it is given or received trust is a nice feeling to have as you deal with the hurdles of life. According to Oxford trust is defined as “firm belief in the reliability, truth, or strength, etc., of a person or thing.”

There are many components of trust that we should not forgo when seeking it or entrusting upon. Like planting tomatoes which require water, good soil, nutrients, sunlight, and protection, trust requires great care, patience, communication, honesty, being forth coming and tact.

Communication helps one to become familiar with the likes and dislikes of the individual. It also reveals how invested the person is in you through body language and the reciprocation of information. If you’re talking to someone who’s texting on the phone, what does that tell you about how they regard you and vice versa. If you must text at least excuse yourself if its necessary so you don’t make them think that you’re cutting them off.

Honesty is very important if you’re serious about someone placing their trust upon you. Deceit will crumble the foundation of a relationship whether family, work, academic, the dating scene or if you’re part of a team. Deception through purposely misleading or a fake out makes it difficult for one to trust because of past experiences especially if it occurred consecutively.

Straightforwardness and tact is vital to gaining someone’s faith. When attempting to build rapport, using personal information to make someone uncomfortable is asinine. The point of being honest is to foster a healthy relationship; not to be an ass, its about doing it in good spirit.

Trust is hard to build, requiring care and effort to maintain, but is easily broken whether through malevolent actions or through misunderstanding. Ideally, trust should be earned through hard work and character opposed to being brought or handed solely based on looks. There’s simply no magic that makes someone trust you, you have to work hard with sincerity otherwise you’ll just end up with another robot who doesn’t have any opinions or thoughts of their own who’ll follow you around. We have to endeavor to grow the seeds of trust and be patient as it flourishes and lights up through the darkness of doubt.