The Prism Press Special ~ The Phantasy Hunter: LKS 09

The Phantasy Hunter: LKS by Edwin Escolero

LKS 09

A light drizzle envelops the dark cloudy night as trees are doused in a dew coat. Dry leaves glide through the air over a rusty fence in a field. A trail of crunchy brown leaflets leads to a marsh like area in a park.

LKS 09Back on the field after the incomplete green sludge analysis, I seek to explore the realm that find myself in right now. My feet having developed callus’s from all this walking has allowed me to guess the time that has elapsed since my arrival here. My vertigo sensation alerts me when the “GM” is within proximity as I wander through different paths to the lakeside.

This world of the intangible darkness seems to be void of daylight and my experience indoors wasn’t any better. Only lit by a flickering lamp I’ve hypothesized that there’s something in the atmosphere that quashes light particles. Whatever this unseen element or force is it seems to be akin to a black hole in space as light doesn’t thrive well. Perhaps the absence of a day cycle is the result of this unseen anomaly that repels any strong light source.

Along with the mystery of “GM” now I must determine the root of the darkness in this world that I’ve stumbled into. With no records from eyewitnesses I begin compiling data and transmit my dictations via the net. I’m not sure whether or not this will reach a soul, but its worth a try. I will continue to record my findings as well as discover a way back to where I started the case of “The ghostly mist.”


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