The Prism Press Special ~ The Phantasy Hunter: LKS 05

The Phantasy Hunter: LKS by Edwin Escolero

LKS 05

The sound of rain falling from the grey nimbus in the dark sky is heard as it hits the trees and pavement. The droplets descend seemingly with no end in sight and mimics the sound of dry rice pouring into a metal pot. The wind sways the cascading aqua like falling confetti in an open city.

LKS 05Taking shelter under an archaic structure I observe the somber rain that pelts the lake which creates a ripple. Having no means to tell the interval that has passed, I’ve began to hum a tune with a fix time to roughly gauge the minutes. Oddly enough I haven’t felt famished since exploring the “ghostly mist,” however, from time to time I become dazed.

Waiting for the rain to letup my mind begins to drift as I begin to think about how I got into this profession. Back in the day┬áI never paid mind to “the romance of the supernatural” as I was one who didn’t heed things that required “the suspension of disbelief.” However, over time I began to pick up on patterns of certain events that couldn’t be fully explained with science alone.

There seems to be an “unspoken maxim” that I’ve yet to decode in regards to the element of the “mystique.” After a series of incidents I began to conduct an independent investigation to find answers to the improbable. In the mainstream world there is cyber terrorism, extortion, coercion, corruption, etc., yet, crimes utilizing “wizardry” isn’t recognized in the public eye though I expect that to change soon. In the meantime since there isn’t a local taskforce that I can dial I’ll have to explore this market as “The Phantasy Hunter: LKS.”


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