The Prism Press Special ~ The Phantasy Hunter: LKS 03

The Phantasy Hunter: LKS by Edwin Escolero

LKS 03

The night chill rocks the leaves on the swaying tree branches in the park. The silence broken as a sole presses against the graveled trail within the woodlands. As the fog that enveloped the nature path dispels the towering tree limbs become visible.

Navigating through unfamiliar territory I attempt to find a way out the crowded woodlands. Remaining still I begin to contemplate a plan to get myself out of the forested area. As time passes I develop a migraine while standing still as I access my current location.

LKS 03.jpgWhile walking further within the labyrinth the head pain subsides. I’ve noticed that it is still dark and the sun hasn’t risen, so to determine the time that has elapsed I take out a pocket watch. Looking at the watch I notice that the time hasn’t changed since my entering the park. Baffled, I take out the voice recorder to look at the recording length, however, the time is not displayed. To test functionality I begin a playback…


The device works and retains the memos that I recorded earlier but the time isn’t functional. Apparently the anomaly is disrupting time, and I’ve also observed that my head pains have occurred while I remained inactive. However, they vanish when I’m on the move, analogous to when one must move in the harsh cold to stay warm. More questions begin to arise as I continue to dive deeper into this enigma.


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