The Prism Press Special: LUZ 69

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 69

Venturing aimlessly in a plaza dyed in faded colors walks a wanderer in a worn-out poncho. Using a compass to guide his path through the musty labyrinth the reserved trekker makes his way to a descending stairwell. There he roams through a hollow passage before reaching stairs that ascend upward. Upon reaching the exit to the top he spots in the center a troll sitting on the ground. Sensing a presence that hides in the murky shadows the wearier traveler daringly passes through guarded.

Howl Of The Gust: Prelude Of The Next Legend!
Howl Of The Gust: Prelude Of The Next Legend!

Progressing forward he encounters several marionettes under the influence of the same craven force that remains hidden from him. The magenta sky is covered by passing grey clouds as the explorer reaches the epicenter where he spots a statue of a pair coated in a muddy brown finish. A gust flaps his cloak when he draws out his compass once more as it glows with a blue light. Alone he continues marching onward towards the horizon of the fading sun and the rising constellations.

Inside a cabin the sound of dripping water from a sink awakens a bedridden young man. Steadily rising he stares at a broken compass which is clutched in his hand as he recollects something he dreamt. Picking himself off from bed he recoils from bandaged burns from an encounter of a drake one night under the moon. The wooden floor creaks with each step he takes and then he pauses when he hears a voices call out to him, “Alas.” Heading to the kitchen Alas is greeted by the hermit who offers him a meal.

Shaking off his daze boy asks what happened to the Gaia sword when the hermit insists that he eat first before diving into the matter. As the young man eats the elder comments how he must’ve survived a ferocious bout against a beast to sustain wounds of that intensity. As his eyes wander Alas notes the empty stool in the corner when the hermit heartily assures him that the falcon is taking its morning flight and should return shortly. Then the old man folds his hands and says, “The oak sword has broken in two… The legend has bequeathed a second legacy.”


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