The Prism Press Special: LUZ 65

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 65

Soaring over the mountain range a falcon slices through clouds in the sky with the tip of its wing. While on the ground an old man continues his search through a vast garden as he reminisces about a time so long ago…

A young mountaineer loses consciousness after dealing with a pair of nefarious creatures with the help of a mysterious heroine. The crescent moon greets the botanist who awakens after a taxing brawl against a myriad of foes who’ve manifested through a dark blue mist. On his porch the man finds his bow and arrow that the woman used against the enemy. Looking around he doesn’t see the archer whom he wanted to give his thanks. Fatigued from the latest events the man makes preparations for the next day then heads inside to sleep.

A magenta dawn signals a new day on the forested mountain as the young botanist prepares to work on the garden. Plowing through dirt the man reflects on events that transpired and ponders the identity of the one responsible for the attacks in the mountain. The frequent battles against the skulled creatures and the war against the curse on peace has gone far too long. As he finishes his chores on Nature’s cradle the young botanist heads to a lake to fill his canteen and to clear his head.


As he fills his container a bush rustles and a sudden chill grasps the air prompting the mountaineer to keep his guard. Hearing squawks he looks to the distant sky and spots birds fleeing from a single point on the mountain. A tremor shakes the mountain range and the man braces himself against the phenomena. Looking from where the flock originated from the mountaineer witnesses a shift on the lithosphere. Several pillars of earth rise and merge to create a new apex that pierce the clouds beyond the ether.


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