The Prism Press Special: LUZ 61

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 61

A girl with a quill on her hair walks through the forest as a sudden drizzle hits the mountain. Following a falcon the lassie helps her compatriot move through the woodlands as the rainfall descends. Being guided into a cave by the avian creature the duo take shelter as the downpour ensues. Gently resting her fatigued mentor on the ground with a fluffed blanket for her head the junior turns toward the entrance when she hears an echo.

From depths of the cavern emerges a boar limping and it appears to be the only one. Espy carefully approaches the cave dweller with a fruit and offers it as she attempts to dress the wound. Without a squeal the animal is tended to by the girl and then goes off into the cavern. Moments later the boar returns with several twigs and a couple of stones and places them by the lassie who helped it out.

As the last raindrop falls an ember sizzles out as Espy and Una rest under the protection of the winged Bery. The boar that brought the materials to build the fire walks out of the cave under the starlit night. The necklace on Una’s neck gives off a faint glow which compels the falcon to suddenly take flight to the air. The avian creature soars above the drenches trees following the direction of a newly formed boar constellation.

The Path & The Rising Steam
The Path & The Rising Steam

Ascending to higher elevation the falcon reaches a path where steam rises from soaked trees and earth. The landscape appears have shifted by a motion of force from an earlier incident. Upon reaching the precipice the avian creature catches a glimpse of a dark cloud vanishing. Hovering in the air the falcon spots a faint glow on the ground from the broken Gaia sword.



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