The Prism Press Special: LUZ 60

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 60

In a dimly lit room individuals are seated as another assembly takes place at the roundtable. A figure discusses the chaos that ensued in the last couple months and asks what’s being done to rectify the misuse of power. Another interjects saying that the ones responsible will face justice and their wrongs will be accounted for. Someone hands a folder containing the last reported sighting of the craven puppeteer and his madam who were pursuing an unknown target.

The Downpour & The Fog
The Downpour & The Fog

In the mountain range clouds cover the sky as a drizzle follows a long battle that lasted through the soaring sun to the crescent moon. Alas reaches the top of the precipice afflicted with burns and exhaustion. With the last remaining strength he rushes to a tree to take cover before blacking out. Ahead the embers in the woodlands is extinguished by the rainfall.

Deeper in the forest the rain bounces off the leaves from trees and falls upon the fertile soil in a garden. Inside the house from a window the hermit watches as the falling aqua douses the plant life while wondering how Alas and the falcon are fairing with the sudden downpour.

Dawn approaches as an avian creature soars in the sky through the lush forest and lands on a tree near a precipice. Spotting the broken Gaia sword along with the wounded Alas the falcon screeches and flaps its wings to get his attention. Upon seeing no response Bery takes to the air and with a calm sense of urgency heads for home.





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