The Prism Press Special: LUZ 59

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 59

Fireflies float in a garden in the night as an elder steps away from Nature’s cradle to face an approaching menace. Facing a charred creature with the mark of a blue skull on it’s arm the old man holds out a wooden staff. Forming a stance the senior botanist observes the intruder’s actions before making a move. A chill blows away the fireflies from the garden as the beast pounces at the old man who counters with a swirling hurricane slash.

The Looming Moon & The Descent
The Looming Moon & The Descent

Withered leaves float down at the edge of a precipice onto an immobile Alas who nods away. The broken Gaia sword clutched on his hand like an extension of himself. The lunar sphere in the heavens casts a light upon the dark chasm where the fatigued boy remains sleeping.

Alas watches as dark clouds fuse together to create a winged shadow dragon. Miseria commands the pseudo-drake to eliminate the young man who stands before her. The winged beast in the sky turns around to face Alas and exhales flames that chars everything in its path including Miseria. Without time to dodge the warrior narrowly evades a direct hit but is burned from the heat of the streaming flames.

The young man braces himself for a second round of the shadow beast’s assault. Recoiling from his burns Alas runs into a straggler from the horde he battled earlier but quickly sidesteps as the winged beast lets out another attack. Leaping behind a boulder he avoids a fireball strike that hits the minion of the blue mist, however, the giant rock crumbles from the force of the attack. Facing the dragon the battered Alas draws the Gaia sword in a defensive stance as he faces the charred troll and the shadow dragon.

The pseudo-drake flies past the burnt troll and nosedives straight for the young man who blocks with his sword which begins to crack. Running through the forest the warrior see’s the wildlife that have been devastated by the vanity of the puppeteer and his madam. After luring the beast to the precipice Alas prepares to block the next attack. The drake descends once again toward the swordsman cracking the sword further and knocking him off the cliff. As he falls the young man thrust the sword at the rocky edge to slow his descent but the blade snaps in two.


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