The Prism Press Special: LUZ 57

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 57

At the edge of a cliff, a sole warrior stands firm against a flood of minions like a superstorm summoned by a dark hand. Gripping the hilt of the wooden sword he takes a strike against the first troll-like creature that made an attempt at his head. The dark entity falls off the edge to it’s doom while others rush toward the young man who dashes into the swarm with blazing eyes. Jumping and sidestepping the enemy under the setting sun the swordsman strikes them down one after another until the creatures dissolve into blue mist.

Battle Under The Crescent Moon, The Caster's Folly
Battle Under The Crescent Moon, The Caster’s Folly

The crescent moon hovers in the sky as the warrior continues the melee with the blue skulled creatures. As the warrior runs in the midst of battle donning tattered clothes the horde moves in premeditated formation. The young man aware that he’s being forced to follow the path that the enemy has laid out does so with a sharp eye. Observing his surroundings Alas tries to find a way to shift the tide of the battle in his favor.

Finding himself covered by trees the warrior continues swinging his sword against the stragglers when he hears chanting in the distance. Calling memories from past experience the young man evades set traps and makes his way to a towering tree that is guarded by a monster. There he spots the silhouette of the puppeteer who’s been afflicting a curse on him. The creatures catch up to the warrior as he takes aim with the Gaia sword and flings the blade at the wizard. Alas is tackled to the ground as the sound of the craven caster falling from the tree is heard.

The creatures that piled on top of the warrior fade into the vile mist as crickets chirp. As the young man walks through bushes to retrieve his sword and to see the face of his enemy he spots the old man. He asks the figure standing in the distance that if he’s seen what just transpired moments ago but there’s a denial. The fatigued warrior finds the Gaia sword hanging from a branch when the air suddenly gets colder as the man approaches him saying, “You can take what you want if you have power with the right training.” Sprinting to grab the wooden sword from the branch Alas turns to block a close range icy nail strike from the disguised Miseria.


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