The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 27

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 27

Below the sands a lone man traverses the rail system where he makes his way through a stairwell. Making several detours while passing through collapsed rubble he manages to find a path that leads to a metropolis. Entering through a crack hole in the wall’s foundation the man finds himself under a vacant zone.

Exploring the region he spots tall brick structures, solar panels, plant life, and a statue made of stone. He passes through a street that appears to have been devastated in some sort of chaos. On the center, the pavement on the road has a crevasse with a parameter that measures several feet in length and width. Old rusted machines remain unoccupied on the vacant road now standing as relics of the past.

S0NG LOG 27The explorer continues to head to the facility that he found on the map in the rail station as he takes the sights. He has some difficulty navigating the area as the terrain has seen considerable change since the map was charted. In spite of the roadblock S0NG continues through the archaic land when he comes across a park with a fountain in the center that continues to give off water.

Taking a break the trekker walks toward the fountain and finds a plaque with an inscription. Having studied the language during his journey the wandering traveler makes out a message. Taking out a piece of paper from his journal and a piece of charcoal S0NG places it over the engraved plaque and traces over. Standing over the fountain he reads, “Snoopy Fountain: Innocent Dreams, Hopes, Memories, and Youths of Tomorrow are The Next Genesis to Life.”


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