The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 20

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 20

Birds soar in a V-formation in the blue sky overlooking a park with plant life ready to bloom. The light from the sun blankets the area as the grassy field sways from a gently breeze. The avian creatures chirp in the air as a little hare scurries over to a patch of bushes. Water gives off the reflection of some ducks floating on the river while other rest on rocks boarding the mainland.

The sky shifts from a baby blue to a magenta as the grass begins to change color. Leaves are dyed in brown, orange and yellow while the soaring birds begin to change their trajectory. Grass blades remain motionless as if time stopped moving forward and bushes remain vacant. There remains is a silence that is only broken by the whistling zephyr.

S0NG LOG 20Snow shrouds the park in a frosty coat that hides the myriad palette that is seen in Nature’s plant life. Bare tree limbs are frozen in ice while the main branch is covered in the powdery snow. The river is frozen in ice and no sign of birds nor ground life where the grass was once seen before the coming of the blizzard.

Once again the lifeless blizzard peters and the ground is bare, however, the park is fenced over like a cage. The pavement on the edge of the sidewalks are in crumbles and dim light looms over the sky.


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