The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 16

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 16

An individual is lead in handcuffs with eyes void of life as if possessed by a wizard. Days follow as he’s taken in front of a judge and is hit with charges but the defendant is unresponsive. The members of the court deliberate after an interval and decide on the verdict then the judge sentences the suspect. During the subsequent weeks several people with lifeless eyes are captured and brought to face judgment by their peers.

A car drives through a cracked street and stops in front of a mailbox near an alley and the back window opens. A hand emerges from the window with a thick envelop that is taken by a man in the alley. The car speeds away past abandoned houses in the block and the man walks away passing through an insurance add that reads, “We deliver, You rate our service.”

S0NG LOG 16Issues around the nation arise, however, focus remains on maintaining power rather than service to the public trust. Citizens are being driven away by intimidation tactics or by force by those elected who misuse the law. The masses who remained decide that they’re not wanted nor regarded and decide to leave one by one until one day the land becomes desolate. Playgrounds once filled with green grass blades are dyed in a faded brown color as if tainted by a witch’s malice.

Crows caw as they fly over the silent district once filled with chatter. Streets are empty and there is nothing to govern or oversee. Crumpled papers rolls on the ground as a wind blows through the lifeless land.


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