The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 13

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 13

A lamp fixture lights the path as a trekker makes his way through an underground rail station. Looking through window panes of a hallway he sees sand encompassing the parameter. Walking ahead he finds a dead end due rubble from a collapsed ceiling of the station. Making notes on his journal the man marks the zone he’s explored to the fullest and moves on to the next one.

Turning around S0NG walks through the hallway and looks at the walls that have a faded paint job with illustrations that conveys a story. The mural shows a boat in a river and a familiar structure that he passed by earlier in the background.

S0NG LOG 13Geese float on the river on a sunny day as passengers board a ferry in a port by a waterfront. People stand by a wooden fence as they take in the scenery as water smacks against the rocks. Passersby walk their dogs while others jog and bike through the pavement. On the other side of the mainland fisherman breathe in the salty air as they wait for a bite on their hooks. A squawking goose flaps its wings while slowly descending onto the water as a boat sets sail.

Putting away his journal S0NG backtracks his way through the tunnel and heads to the tunnel where he came from. Out of the blue the lamps begin to flicker prompting the explorer to move his pace. Above on the surface wind picks up creating a sandstorm that covers the sky.



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