The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 05

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 05

High in the scorching sky vultures circle over a trail of footprints left behind by a wanderer. Traversing through the dry desert the parched trekker stops to rest after a long march through the sand dunes. On the verge of exhaustion he spots a cactus prompting him to walk over to it and then takes out a utility knife. Cutting into the quilled exterior he makes a hole into the plant and then fills his canteen before taking a sip from his cupped hands.

After resting under the shade that the cactus provided S0NG continues his venture into the undiscovered. Walking through the blazing sand which blurs his vision he decides to close his eyes and move forward relying on his other senses.

As time flows a sudden gust of wind blows sand which grazes S0NG’s face. He wipes off his face and spits out sand from his mouth before opening his eyes. The fading sandstorm reveals a cavern right before the explorer. Taking advantage the depth of the cavern S0NG avoids the sweltering heat from the surface. Following a trail left by an incomplete rail tracks he finds a cart and pulls the lever to see it still functions.

S0NG LOG 05Heading deeper the hollow cave on foot S0NG takes notice of the stalagmite that hangs from the ceiling. Looking upon the suspended rocky mineral he reaches in his pocket grabs his notebook. The lone observer grabs a stone from the ground and marvels at Nature’s craftsmanship.


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