The Prism Press Special: Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis – LOG 04

Starting from Zero: The Next Genesis by Edwin Escolero

S0NG – LOG 04

A sudden gust of wind blows over a sand dune causing vultures to fly elsewhere. Rusted automobiles are pounded by the flying grains of sand. Clouds begin to cover the sun and the sky becomes grey as the sand flies overhead.

In a library buried deep within the desert-like zone S0NG finishes jotting down information when he hears a sound. Rushing out to see the cause of the commotion he looks at the glass ceiling which reveals the storm that is occurring on the outside. Acting quickly the lone man takes the books and a pack of supplies with him to the staircase leading to the outside. Putting on a veil and a mask that he obtained from one of the shops the explorer reaches the surface.

Making a run toward a rocky cave S0NG watches as the storm buries the old building along with knowledge of the past that he didn’t have the chance to study. The wind howls as everything in his field of vision is a grainy beige. Exhausted the hardened trekker takes a short nap after sprinting out of the building that now vanished under the dry sand.

S0NG logofrag04Awakening after a undefined interval S0NG steps out of the cavern when he doesn’t hear the whistling winds. There he beholds a topography radically changed by the forces of nature in the region. Unable to pinpoint where the building once stood the explorer adds an entry on his log before continuing his march in the barren land.


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