The Prism Press Special ~ La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XVI

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XVI

A maiden practices her archery by firing arrows at a single point on a tree. Taking a careful breath the marksman releases an arrow from her bow and hits the bulls-eye. Wiping her forehead the dame looks on at the night sky and beholds a newly formed constellation. A rustling sound comes from the bushes prompting the archer to swiftly lower her gaze and grab a quill before taking aim.

An armored warrior helps pick books off from the ground as a lady ensures everything’s in her checklist. The knight asks the woman what she’s doing in the forest at night and she responds that she was running from bandits. He inquires about the fiends and the book keeper explains that her village was invaded by a gang of men carrying torches.

La Luz ~ Prologue to Chaos016The clerk had received a request for specific books that contain text that can help bring an end to the chaos that is spreading in the region. The woman had been warned that there are those who will attempt to suppress her through whatever means just to keep the information away from others. The one pulling the strings is afraid that others will gain power through the knowledge and won’t be subjected to their “prestige.” Clouds part from the night sky as the knight escorts the woman through the jade labyrinth while she continues with the story.

Making his way to another town the sage takes note that bandits have pillaged the market place. Walking through he passes by what used to be a library now burnt to the ground. Taking in the sight he laments the needless destruction and the loss of knowledge. He calls out for anyone who needs help but no one responds as the village is desolate. Taking a seat the man rests his folded hands on a stone table while contemplating his next move.


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