Refueling Your Life-force: Motivation & Resolve. Prepare for Launch!

Sketch of Aircraft by Edwin Escolero


Ever feel like “Ugh” as if something is draining your energy or something? Perhaps you’re running through the same motions or feel like there isn’t anything interesting in your life. Lethargy make one sluggish and inattentive if unaddressed, so how do we fix that?

There’s many reasons why you may feel spent but it’s important not to lose that flame that keep you going. You can try to find something that stimulates you, something that interests you and encourages you to use the ole noggin. Like spring cleaning you have to do something that requires mental energy to clear out those old cobwebs.

You could find a book or read articles that deal with a subject matter of your interest. Maybe you want to challenge yourself just for the heck of it and write about what you read.

If you’re studying for a test and feel like your head is in overload you could give yourself a break to stretch and walk around. It is important know when to pause so you don’t overtax yourself and to prevent burnout. Taking a quick stroll can help shake off mental fatigue which enables you focus better and retain information.

The physical condition is another factor in energy level, mood, and mobility. Your ever felt invigorated after a workout or a long jog. Adrenaline pumps through the body giving you a temporary boost and activates during a process called “Flight or fight.” Being involved a physical activity can lead to this process whether you’re playing a sport such as basketball, running or peddling a bike.

Maintenance is an ongoing process which varies from person to person so keep at when you can. Exercise, diet and rest play a role in the process so don’t neglect one over the other.

Associations can be a factor in fatigue and energy levels. If you’re with someone who siphons your life-force then distance yourself from him or her and limit contact with them. If it’s at school or work then you’ll have to make due and exercise professional courtesy.

To recap the list mental stimulation, the physical condition, and associations are some elements that contribute to energy levels. There needs to be a balance with the three and one must be consistent to ward off fatigue and burnout. Remember to refuel, rest and prepare for launch!


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