The Prism Press Special ~ La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XI

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

La Luz: Prologue to Chaos XI

Fog envelops a forest in the serene night as two maidens have set camp under the starry sky. One huddled under a blanket is sound asleep while the other takes a stroll to a lake while carrying an egg. Light emanates from the egg that the silent woman holds as she looks at her reflection on the water. Peering at the calm aqua the maiden looks at a scar on the lower corner of her forearm while holding the egg closely.

La Luz ~ Prologue to Chaos011Water splashes as a girl skips stones on a lake in the forest close to a village. With great dexterity the girl skips another rock which lands on the same spot as the previous one. Suddenly the sky turns crimson as bushes rustle and leaves shake in the forest. Leaves are slashed away revealing a doppelganger whom lies on the ground with hands towards the face. Steadily approaching her lookalike the lass suddenly feels a chill in the air.

The lass is struck on her forearm as her double attacks with nails that extend into icy claws. Feeling dazed the girl calls for help as the imposter pounces with claws that are ready to finish off prey. The lass shuts her eyes when a veiled drifter leaps in, taking the force of the attack while countering with a wooden oak sword.

The icy menace flees while the veiled drifter calls the girl by her name before falling to the ground. With dry eyes the girl looks at the keeper of the oak sword with sorrow in her soul as water streams gently on the lake. A breeze grazes the grassy blades as the sky returns to a somber blue.

The sun has set as Sola places the last patch of dirt on the ground before making a pledge on The Oak Sword of Gaia.


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