Where are you going? Navigating the Bridge to Life.

Image of Bridge by Edwin Escolero


Red or blue, left or right, fruit or salad how do we decide what is better. There really isn’t a clear road to take when striving to improve one’s self. For instance you can challenge yourself by dieting or exercising which may or may not yield immediate results. Reaching the final stage toward your goal takes time and some gumption so don’t not fret.

There’s going to be fakeouts meaning they’ll be those who feign concern for you. The inexperienced may find themselves in a pitfall, however, they’ll recognize the pattern soon enough. Be wary of “sweet” words, like sugar it can be toxic especially considering the source its coming from. For instance, you’ll hear that if you do this for “Blank” he or she will protect you but if you don’t conform you gonna deal with some potholes.

There’ll be no sugarcoating here, life is tough but you got to keep charging ahead and assert yourself until you reach your target goal.

Being around the block for some time I find if you have a good support system the process of reaching your endgame will be expedited. Meaning if you surround yourself with people who genuinely wish for your success then you can move on from point A to B and so on. They will help you identify and strengthen your weak points while not disparaging you.

Like deciding on a car, a school, shoes, or etc. you must determine if it is right for you. You’ll have to ask yourself, “Is this good for me will it help me move to point B and so on.”

Overall, you can’t Game Shark your way in life, you got to hustle and learn from experience in order to cross the bridge to point B. You not alone as this is something we all have to confront and overcome as individuals.


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