The Prism Press Special ~ La Luz: Prologue to Chaos VIIII

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

La Luz: Prologue to Chaos VIIII

Under the blazing sun men with shovels finish paving the roads that was devastated by a drake’s attack lead by a wizard. A group tosses rubble from the streets onto a cart while others clear out soot from charred homes. At the entrance of the of the village knights remain vigilant against bandits who’d stoop to pillage the people during a time of crisis.

Inside a library a bearded sage looks through the archives in search of answers to questions that plague his thoughts. Skimming through the accessible material he finds no leads on his inquiry. The sage asks “The Keeper of Knowledge” for direction to the source that he’s in search of. The keeper tells him that during the last bandit raid many text were stolen and vandalized thus the information had been lost.

Taking into consideration the sage’s request the keeper summons a messenger hawk and ties a small scoll with an order for a book. Unable to attain knowledge of past grim wars the sage decides to go on a journey to seek the true nature of the last attack. Upon returning to his dwelling the man equips himself for the venture ahead.

La Luz ~ Prologue to Chaos09The sun sets as fog blankets a desolate forest. Two travelers set camp as to refresh themselves for the following morning. An archer takes out an egg and polishes it while her companion gathers their belongs. Continuing with their preparations the Zephier whispers “remember…” as the fog shrouds the path to a hidden cave.


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