The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 45

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 45

Dawn marks the beginning of a new day as a man with a duffle bag removes plywood from an abandoned electronic store. Taking several pieces of wood off of the boarded store the man enters where he runs into the salmon drifter. Walking steadily Une looks to the man who’s sitting on a chair tinkering with a brace on his wrist. As he approaches the rogue scientist who’s been modifying Sine braces worn by the imposed Arbitrary Number Une assesses the potential outcome.

In the Garden of Crime the RU squad scrambles to take down a radio tower that is emitting a wave that is affecting the held captives. The team searches for a power source, however, it remains hidden to outsiders of the warehouse. One member extracts information from a defeated GW henchman and provides the coordinates. Heading to the location RU scouts bust open a lock that leads to the power source and open the garage door. As the door opens they get into a tussle with GW goons who remained to guard the machine.

The crossfire between the opposition results in the defeat of the GW grunts and the RU squad moves in to disable the power source. The radio tower begins to power off when a team member radios in to provide an update to the mission status. Underground the mission leader informs his team members that Sine is hidden in the GW compound and instructs the squad to split into two. One group evacuates the captives and calls for back up while another company heads down to the underground to fulfill the next objective.

UNE 45Sunlight hits the city as Rooster-1 and Nadir walk through several blocks before reaching the Luz Libre Radio tower. There the men identify themselves as members of the RU squad and request use of the communication apparatus to which they’re granted access. After several attempts through signal jams Nadir is finally able to establish contact with the RU headquarters.


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