Charting the Roadmap to Change!

Charting the Roadmap to Change.jpg
Road Path Photo by Edwin Escolero

Change, why do we do seek it while others try avoid it? What discoveries are made by striving to change our lives?

An unspoken truth is that people tend to dread the unknown. Encountering unfamiliarity’s may make some feel powerless which is especially true for those who’re accustomed to having their way. It is important to understand that not everyone is compatible with the same person and not all will see eye to eye. However, learning to consider new opinions can help one become well-rounded and evolve the mode of thinking.

When driving to a street that one is not familiar with we may be lost in the beginning but once we get through the learning curb we’ll be driving through the road of change. It’s good to be reflective as to avoid bumps, unwanted detours and the same potholes that have been encountered in the past.

Whether it’s about deciding on a new project, a different cooking recipe, taking on a sport, moving on from a relationship or a onetime crush, or deciding to purchase a bike or car it is up to us to decide. We can ask for different opinions to weigh the options available to us. Ultimately, we’re the authors of our own life and we can choose to follow someone else’s script or go forward toward the horizon of change!


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