The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 30

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 30

Scientist review information for a weather device that they’ve obtained from a scout unit. Scrutinizing the data they begin pinpointing potential security flaws that can lead to deactivation. Moving around the lab men and women work tirelessly to decrypt hidden data on the computer terminal. Blueprints of satellites reveal that they would be situated within the stratosphere to avoid detection by people. A man with a rooster emblem on his breast pocket enters the room for a status update on the scientists’ findings.

Groggily Une rises to his feet as he’s questioned by two men holding papers. The inquiry is interrupted as the trio face a group under the influence of the Sine Wave. Both men from the RU squad nod in agreement for a retreat to minimize danger and prevent harm from the controlled civilians. The two noticing that Une is free moving and not manipulated like the other brace wearers decide to escape with him from the square. As the three run in the street suddenly a screen on the building shows images of the blizzard that attacked the region.

On the net the recent blizzard is shown along with the date and in the background a voice is heard laughing at the misfortune of those victimized. The blizzard is spreading through different media platforms offending the law abiding citizens while crime syndicates continue their activities. Words in bold appear on the images which read, “The price for showing no obedience toward the Sine Standard.”

UNE 30The Sine Corp. feed is cut off by a transmission from Luz Libre and a voice speaks. The broadcaster says, “The Sine Standard isn’t worthy of merit as it shows no respect for life and all it’s diversities, nor the freedom to decide for oneself without bias, and it values intimidation and coercion over fostering direct dialogue.” The voice becomes grainy as Sine drones fly through the sky emitting a magnetic field. Aware of the drones the broadcaster implores the people to band together to break the curse Sine has inflict upon the world and grasp the peace which waits for all to share. The speaker concludes, “This can be the generation of Heroes and Heroines! It is not the name that makes the hero, rather the deed and desire for peace.”


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