The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 29

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 29

In the cover of night a bandaged man is hidden under a tree as he evades detection from a truck with a satellite on the roof. The vehicle’s headlights shines through the path as it surveys the path but the man remains still. Resting under the tree trunk he tries to gauge his options against his current condition as sweat trickles down his neck. With his limited resources the injured man decides to avoid the truck and waits for there to be some distance before moving. As the beam lights vanish in the darkness he sprints towards a bush and retrieves a duffle.

UNE 29The sun rises as two men leave an apartment building carrying papers and a walkie-talkie. Making their way through the neighborhood they remain vigilant of satellites along with possible perils. Nadir and Rooster-1 continue where they left off with their field study and use a device to search for a specific radio wave. Venturing through the city the duo have yet to come across any manic civilians under the “Sine wave.” A Sine Enforcer passes through the area and both men put away the instrument as they wait for the truck to leave.

Approaching the area where he tossed the flare Rooster-1 checks if the Sine Enforcers is shadowing him. With no sign of danger Dr. Nadir takes out the scanner and resumes the search for the radio wave. Walking through the square they spot a duffle under a bench where someone lays with a newspaper blanketing over the face. Getting a better look the two notice the Sine brace on the wrist under the paper. Nadir having questions approaches steadily and taps the individual’s shoulder.

Feeling a tap on his shoulder Une wakes up to two men standing over him and he’s taken aback by the ambush. Leaping from the bench with hazy eyes the man asks the two if they’re with Sine Corp. and the two respond no. Suddenly there is a beeping and Dr. Nadir takes out the scanner which detects Sine Waves which are off the charts. The square is filled with braced civilians under the influence of the radio wave. Looking to their side Nadir and Rooster-1 are astounded that the bandaged man is not affect like the gathering crowd.


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