The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 26

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 26

Sine date 03.24.00, individuals disappearing in the metropolis has risen 3% since the inception of the “Sine Standard.” People go about their day in the crowded streets as word of the missing people dominate the newsstand headlines. The Sine Corp. name is seen on the media monitors in the city square. The restructured force consisting of Sine lobbyist patrol the street under the title of “Sine Corp. Enforcers.” In a cross walk a man tries to flee from the Sine Enforcers but suddenly stops as he if he’d been tazed. Approaching the kneeling man the enforcers lift him by the arms stretching his sleeves which expose a metal brace marked “Model No. 0.”

UNE 26In the coming weeks there has been an increase of street apprehensions of random individuals who appeared to exhibit manic episodes. The majority of captures was handled by Sine Enforcers, however, in each incident Sine Corp. trucks were stationed in close proximity. Some speculate that the trucks house electronics meant to test new hardware, but the Sine Corp. PR states they’re for surveillance. The detained “Manics” are taken to facilities operated by Sine Corp. and aren’t heard or seen again.

A light glares from a path walk as a figure enters the city passing through a park with a duffle on hand. The man takes shade under the trees from the rising sun and takes out a laptop as he tries to find a signal. Unable to lock-on to anything Une looks around but finds that the park is empty. Picking himself up the man ventures into the metropolis and spots banners of Luz Libre on walls and posts. Walking further he passes through an icy fountain that has yet to defrost from the latest blizzard attack. The geography is unfamiliar due to lingering snow covering the landscape but the man marches onward.

Passing through a marketplace Une encounters a cluster of people who’re surrounding a car. Taking cover behind a tree the bandaged man observes the crowd behind a member who holds a flare in his hand. Unsure whether they’re with Sine Corp. he decides to slip away before they get rowdy. As Une walks away from the crowd the brace under his sleeve flickers light.


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