The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 25

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 25

Footsteps sound the night, marching forward as if from one entity. A man baring a rooster insignia on his coat runs through the darkened city. Taking cover under a car he watches as the crowd sporting a metal brace look through the area for him. Going through his pocket the man takes out an emergency flare and hurls behind the group. The red flash draws the civilians’ attention long enough for the lone man to slip away without engaging in combat.

Having reached the apartment Dr. Nadir makes preparation for the morning in case he must leave without Rooster-1. Afterwards, he skims through notes he’d taken earlier in the city and draws hypothesis on the Sine waves. Remembering the Sine satellite installation on top of the courier building the doctor concludes that the waves lock on the metal brace on the individual. Deep in thought the scientist tries to devise a way to repel the waves and their effects on the psyche.

UNE 25.pngAt the radio tower a technician for Luz Libre has just made contact with a resistance faction. The words are lost through the pool of static, however, the techie manages to catch the word satellite. The signal is lost but not before group on the other line identifies themselves as the RU Resistance Force.

Making his way back to the apartment in the brink of dawn Rooster-1 is greeted by Nadir who spent the night analyzing notes. Two make revisions to their plan and decide to break for the day to recoup. Nadir leaves his laptop open as he clocks in, however, on a web page “Sine” begins to be inserted on the text of articles. Meanwhile, in the distance a man carries a duffle as he approaches the city under the rising sun.


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