The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 20

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 20

Morning rises in the ice covered city as winds scatter lingering snow in the air. There’s a shortage of supplies in operating stores due to the sudden flux of the weather. People offer to share rations for the ones who are digging through the blizzard’s latest pile. A radio broadcast announces paths that have been cleared of the snow. The news moves to coverage of manic breakouts among mild-manner citizens. Inside a building two men try to make contact on a com-link, but the signal is jammed.

Dr. Nadir and the scout code-named, Rooster-1 explore the areas where the commotion was reported to take place. As the two men investigate the incident they come across a group that just subdued another sudden hysteria attack. Rooster-1 offers the group some assistance but is assured that the situation is under control. Turning away, the man notices a red light flicker from a satellite dish that bares the name of Sine Corp. on top of a courier building.

UNE 20As the men walk through the city they once again come across another mania outburst and Rooster-1 looks around the vicinity for a flicker. Spotting another dish that bares Sine’s name he voices his suspicions to Dr. Nadir who opts to continue explore the city for confirmation. Both men keep their eyes open for the satellites and makes notes of their findings. After further investigation the two have discovered enough evidence to support Rooster-1’s claim. They learned that each incident took place where a Sine dish was within an approximate radius.

Across the city in a motel at the waterfront Une finishes wiping his arm with a rag. Clearing the rubbish from the scuffle he locates his laptop and the walkie-talkie that he hide from the intruders. After fastening a bandage around his hand Une inserts the battery and switches the frequency on the communicator. Alas, jamming prevents him from receiving the signal from before. Stepping out of the broken door frame the man looks at the distant city as he holds a duffle.


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