The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 18

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 18

Hail pelts the earth as goons walk out of a motel room with a broken door frame. Through the opening powder snow streaks the room as a grounded man rises to his feet after taking a pummeling. A vein emerges on his forehead as he steps out of the shelter into the petering blizzard. A chill lingers in the air as the bruised man follows the footsteps that have been imprinted on the snow. Reaching the group that exited the room he glares at a man who hides behind sunglasses just as sweat trickles down his neck.

Sine date 09.03.02, the latest assault in the land left the metropolis and neighboring regions devastated. The weather machine was used in attempts to silence an anonymous group that is seeking the truth about the Voiders. The target was the Voider Archive Center where data on the weather device is stored. After obtaining information that could potentially dismantle the machine, Dr. Nadir along with a veteran commander stayed behind to ensure that damage was minimized. The mainstream crime syndicate, Sine Corp. denies the nefarious deed and attempts to scapegoat the weather flux on a different party.

UNE 18Outside of a radio tower a well bundled man removes lingering snow from a satellite as his colleagues survey the streets. Ice begins to drip from the roof of the neighboring building as a group emerges holding up a banner which reads, “Luz Libre FEMEI.” Three remain inside overseeing the controls as they try to reestablish communication with a lost channel. At a computer lab a techie attempts to extract information from a fallen Sine drone.

Faraway in a distant block a party begins digging through the snow when their radio picks up a muffled broadcast. A community member adjusts the frequency to retrieve the signal, but only the word Libre is audible to the audience. As sunlight pierces the dark nimbus word is spreading in the radio that a group is working on a counter for the Sine Corp. machine.


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