The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 17

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 17

The river reflects light from the clouded sun as it solidifies into ice. Icy wind streak the air as trees are enveloped by frost. There is no sign of life outside the waterfront as the sky darkens from the nimbus. On top of a radio tower a man wearing multilayered clothes fights the blizzard current as he removes snow from the satellite.

UNE 17.pngInside the building the group attempts once more to send out a signal to the airwaves. The transmission is being disrupted by the blizzard, but the group continues their efforts. Everyone works in unison at the controls while in the lower level sparks ignite at a generator. The equipment is in flux due to the power malfunction prompting someone to go to the basement to restart the system.

Power is rebooted to the system and a signal makes its way to the group. A door opens as a bearded man covered in snow enters. Dragging a Sine Corp. drone the man collapses but his comrades catch him; set him down gently on a chair. Resting on the chair the man presents the device he scavenged and then asks about the current status. Suddenly a garbled response finds its way to the radio center and the techie try to clear up the signal.

Across from the city Une is attempting to communicate on his walkie talkie after completing his analysis on the chip that he retrieved. A voice speaks through the static signal, however, there is a violent bang on the door. As the continuous bangs get loud Une quickly changes the channel on the walkie talkie and removes the battery. He hides his devices as the door breaks down and Sine Corp. goons enter the room demanding the microchip from the drone. Une hands over the chip and then he receives a beating from the cronies until he falls on the floor. Afterwards the henchmen exit leaving the door open as Une staggers to stand while fighting the frosty wind.


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