The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 15

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 15

Clouds begin to gather in the desolate city as a helicopter pilot speaks on a headset. On the hatch the crewmate observes the sudden shift in the weather through binoculars. Adjusting the frequency the pilot continues to send a message of warning to whoever might be listening. As the two remain on standby one of their teammates arrive and informs them of the situation inside of the facility. The three men make preparations for departure as soon as their remaining comrades return from the mission.

Dr. Nadir completes the data transfer of the Neural device and places it in his pocket. The captain receives a radio message from the pilot and is informed of the weather flux. Nadir hears the message and immediately looks into it on the computer. The scientist confirms that the weather device has been used by Sine and the target is their current location. Unable to determine the radius of the line of fire Nadir quickly starts typing at the terminal and calls the team leader. He hands the flash which contains the data on the neural brace and tells the captain that they must evacuate immediately.

UNE 15The captain asks Dr. Nadir what he plans to do and the scientist tells him that he will attempt to cancel out the weather device. He tells the captain the terminal was originally used to emulate the results of the archetype so he should be able to link with the weather device. The scientist will buy some time, however, he cannot move from the mainframe otherwise the group won’t be able to escape. Without hesitation the captain hands the device to his second in command and instructs his company to evacuate on the copter. Reluctantly his men obey his instructions and leave after giving him a salute.

The captain sends out a transmission on all frequencies to civilian to stay indoors as a possible storm is heading to the area. As the transmission is being sent the scientist continues to work on the computer to redirect the device’s target to the source of it’s origin. Working against the clock Dr. Nadir changes the coordinates on the computer to the Sine estate. Tremors shake the ground as the two men stand their ground against those responsible for the threat.


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