The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 10

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 10

A gala auction is underway as a man adjusts the cuffs of his dress shirt after writing his bid. Making his way to the bar keep the man orders a Pina Colada and looks around for the host as the drink is prepared. He tries to make small talk but stops himself when he spots a familiar emblem on the bartender’s hand. Taking advantage of a passing helicopter the man walks off as other patrons make their order. As if mingling with the other guests the man finds the MC of the event.

Finishing his drink Une walks to the host to compliment him on the success of the evening and laments the missing speaker. The host responds amicably and mentions that the speaker had to cancel in the last minute due to developments in his research. Tactfully Une asks the MC what was the research about but he confesses that he doesn’t know. He explains that he wanted Dr. Nadir to give a motivational speech on perseverance as he started with nothing but he rose in the ranks through his studies. His thesis on the weather cycle revolutionized data collection in the field of meteorology.

UNE 10.pngEight years ago Dr. Nadir began a side project in botany which lead to a template for a device that would help crops flourish year round. Plants were limited to seasons and new crops required rotation of soil in order to grow. Farmers would have to prepare the ground under a specific schedule, but through the Nadir Hypothesis the climate could be influenced to accelerate the production of crops. Collaborating with the Voiders Dr. Nadir began construction an archetype, however, he felt humanity was not ready…

Sensing that he’s being watches Une thanks the host and excuses himself for the evening. After exiting the restaurant Une decides to investigate the reason for the patrolling helicopter in the morning and heads to the nearest motel. After checking in the man splashes water on his face before going to sleep. Late into the night the sky is streaked in a crimson red and Une rises to lift the curtain to see a drone engulfed in flames.


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