The Prism Press Special: Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 02

Arbitrary Number by Edwin Escolero

Arbitrary No. – C:\UNE 02

Sundown approaches the city as Une makes his way through the abandoned business district. Local shops are boarded up with foreclosure signs posted and the streets are littered with old fliers. Fences are broken in and graffiti is plastered all over the desolate buildings. Passing through, Une makes his way to a closed down bank and switches on the lights as he enters. There he finds a computer where he begins to input coordinates while a metal wrist brace glows under the flickering lights.

In the months after Sine started his campaign for total conquest, Sine Corp. began to enact a mandate where citizens were required to have a wrist brace placed. There was protest as it was an affront to liberty and a violation of privacy for the people. The cries were unheeded by the administration as humanitarianism was not on the Sine agenda. Citizens were nameless and viewed as numbers rather than individuals with their own mind or potential.

UNE 02The brace was a device that acted as bookkeeping for the populace and tracked the whereabouts of an “Arbitrary No.” that fails to obey the “Sine Standard.” Arbitrary Numbers are the bane of Sine Corp. because they’re independent in thought and ask questions rather than simply conforming. Those who didn’t acknowledge the Sine administration had a special brace that would send out volts if there was a removal attempt. However, some civilians have found a way to circumvent the device’s function through hacking and enable to limit tracking capabilities.

As the results for the plotted destination loads a phone rings inside the bank. Looking around Une is perplexed as the establishment is clearly inoperable. Walking toward the closest desk he finds a phone and looks at the caller ID which reads, “Scam Likely.” Upon seeing the name of the caller the nimble man runs behind the desk and tips it over as an incoming drone enters. The cold machine fires a barrage at the computer and deposits a mine before leaving the building while Une braces for impact.


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