The Prism Press Special: LUZ 49

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 49

A sudden drizzle envelops a mountain range at dawn and nourishes the trees that cover it. The rain bounces off the floral life and the blades of grass in the open fields. Droplets sprinkle down on the lake while fish swim freely in the body of water. Deep in the forest rain falls but a sphere of light protects a boy from the downpour. Luz emanates from a bell that blankets the area with a warm aura that glows in a prism.

Immersed within a lightless void Alas is face to face with a wolf. The two are calm in the darkness almost like they’re familiar with it. Each one explores the vast shadow as if in search of answers to questions that dwell deep within. The two venture further aimlessly in the intangible darkness experiencing no pleasure nor any pangs. Time remains dormant and the space on which both stand is undefined like the formless ocean.

Silence reigns for the two explorers until a distance scream sounds the void and Alas instantly recognizes the voice. Phalsada’s voice breaks the silence with a tone filled with a terror that one would never admit but futilely hide from with laughs. As the two rush to the scene of the commotion Alas is struck by an attack. The wolf manages evade the assault and the young man dusts himself off as he rises to his feet. As if bound by a latent link Alas and the wolf pool their strengths to counter the lurking shadows. Holding the Gaia sword Alas draws in the shadow beast while the swift wolf acts as the offensive.

Luz y Sombra
Luz y Sombra

The wolf manages to land various slashes with its claws but not before Alas is knocked down from a sneak attack. A second beast joins the fight prompting the wolf to quickly snatch up Alas on its back. The two eye the wounded Alas but retreat upon the sudden appearance of an equine that lights up the darkness. Looking upon the glowing equine the wolf follows the path that it has lit up.



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