The Prism Press Special: LUZ 46

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 46

Wind blows across the forest and leaves flutter in the air as a troll-like being rushes through the ground. The beast without a mind of its own is controlled by a puppeteer who hides in the shadows. Directed by its whooping master the creature knocks down branches, stomps on the ground, kicking up dirt, and snarls. There it remains in the clustered forest expecting a prey to appear but nothing happens. A distance voice sounds the night which catches the attention of the beast that bares the mark of a blue skull on its arm.

Night Of The Forest, Fight The Murky Shadow!
Night Of The Forest, Fight The Murky Shadow!

In the lake Alas is awakened by tremors that shake the ground on which he rests on. Dazed, the young man rises to his feet and climbs a tree to get a vantage point of the forest to ascertain the cause of the disturbance. There he only gets a glimpse of the creature that continues its tirade in the mountain. Wanting to avoid a fight the young man decides to evade the troll by heading to the opposite direction. As he’s about to leave the site of his healing, the boy hears a soft voice calling out in the distance.

Espy risen from her sleep calls out for her companion in the field of sunflowers. She looks around for her partner who is nowhere to be seen but she spots the scroll laying on the earth. The girl decides to go venture further into the forest to find her absent compatriot. Deep within the maze-like forest the creature hears the girl’s voice and pursues as is the wishes of the puppet master. Alas motions his hands in the air as if trying to sway the beast not to cross paths with the girl. Unsure of the completion of his recovery the boy rushes in the direction of the puppet beast.

The troll runs through the dark forest as it seeks out the girl that roams through the forest. Coveting an easy trophy the creature readies its claws when suddenly its knocked to the ground by Alas who charges into it head-on. Not too far the puppeteer falls from a tree as he felt the force of the boy’s furious fist on behalf of Gaia. Light from the moon is cast upon the trembling man who is none other than Phalsada.


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