The Prism Press Special: LUZ 44

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 44

The sky is a grim grey as clouds block light from the sun and silence claims the air. Branches from fallen trees are scattered throughout the ground in the streets. A fowl glides through the air seeking dry earth to land upon, however, the soil is saturated with rain from a previous downpour. A small wind blows across rooftops with loose metallic plate coverings that clatter from the breeze. Alone, a girl walks across a desolate block now transformed into a maze in the aftermath of a storm.

Clutching to a blanket the girl walks through tilted trashcans while observing emerald sparks in the cloudy horizon. Feeling overwhelmed by the emptiness of the space the girl hastily runs through the street hoping to bump into any sigh of life. Panting as she makes her way to the end of the block the girl stops to close her eyes and holds her hand to her chest. With eyes remaining closed the girl hikes up a hill without stumbling as if guided by a latent sense. As she reaches a plateau the girl opens her eyes and finds another person in the distance standing next to an easel.

Relieved to find another who shares her situation the girl cautiously approaches a maiden who holds out a brush in the air. Silently the girl observes a blank canvas and watches the older girl motion her brush around like a camera aiming for the perfect shot. Swaying around the older girl takes notice of the girl with the blanket and tells her not to move an inch. With a burst of energy the maiden begins to add colors to her canvas and focuses on her subject along with the backdrop.

As the painter adds the finishing touches to her canvas she begins to contemplate a name for her piece. She thanks the girl for invoking her dormant energy which allowed her to complete the piece. The artist asks for her name, but the taciturn girl speaks in a low voice. The maiden leans at ears length and asks the girl to repeat her name and upon hearing it she finds a title for her work. In a contour stroke the painter adds her name along with the title of the work on the canvas and looks upon the silent girl with a smile.

The Rainbow That Streaks The Blank Canvas In The Sky!
The Rainbow That Streaks The Blank Canvas In The Sky!

The maiden trying to break the ice asks her model if she can call her Espy to which the girl responds with a giggle. Sensing that Espy is famished the girl invites her to join her for a meal after introducing herself. As the two walk together toward the horizon a rainbow emerges from the parting clouds. Sunlight shines on a canvas with the image of a girl standing in a grey backdrop with an inscription written under the corner which reads: “Esperanza by Una.”


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