The Prism Press Special: LUZ 42

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 42

Owls hoot their nocturnal ode to the night as the moonlight drapes over plant life in the woodlands. Squirrels are sound asleep inside the towering conifers and a gentle breeze knocks some cones from their branches. A fawn walks to a lake to drink some water while crickets sound the air. Lingering clouds streak the navy sky in grey, but the lunar light pierces through them. Luz graces upon a field of sunflowers where a pair of maidens rest.

Light from Artemis brushes off against the lashes of one of the girls. The senior of the girls rubs her eyes as she rises to see her junior who’s sound asleep. The young lady gets to her feet and looks up at the moon that watches over her in the night. She listens for a stream to find the nearest lake when she spots a shooting star in the sky, and begins to think of a distant time. The girl closes her eyes and then sees her hand holding a brush toward a canvas as she focuses on a sky in the night of a meteor shower.

Painting Memories
Painting Memories

Inspired by the celestial ballet the girl grips her brush and begins to add light colors on the canvas before moving to mix them on a palette. After an intense session the girl pauses to let the canvas dry but she has a pensive expression. A clap sounds the air as the girl turns to face her companion who compliments her on the painting, however, she protests that its incomplete. Her companion tells her that its good to critique oneself and receive direction from peers of the medium. Some doubt lingers within the girl, but her companion says, “Those who disparage others have given up and don’t dare to dream. You shouldn’t burnout, strive to reach for the stars.” Without another word the two watch the twinkling lights of the Milky Way together.

The sound of water rushing through rocks snaps the Mademoiselle from her daze. Opening her eyes the maiden heads to the lake and cups water with her hands to wash her face. As the girl dries off her fair skin a night breeze snatches her towel and it floats with the wind. Grasping her towel from the air the girl’s eye catches a glimpse of an equine with an ivory glow leap through the stars.


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