The Prism Press Special: LUZ 38

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 38

A full moon adorns the night sky as a young man marches through the wooded forest, lead by a falcon. Lugging wood tied in a bundle on his back the boy navigates the green labyrinth while in the distance he’s being tailed by a troll. The creature lurks in the shadows as it works its schedule around the boy that it’s fixated on. Fatigue begins to set in on the boy who decides to set camp on the open field. Poised to strike the target the beast readies it’s claws when suddenly stops upon sighting the campfire the boy started.

Meanwhile, the hermit sweeps up the floor on the front porch while admiring luz that bounces off the moon. He looks over the field where he had set up the obstacle courses for Alas before Invierno interrupted his training. As he turns to enter the house he spots a shooting star in the open sky.

On the campground the boy’s asleep on the grassy blades with the fire lit out. Sensing the young man isn’t guarding himself the troll-like creature dashes toward it’s prize. Light from a passing shooting star looms on the terra, and as the creature prepares to pounce a string of light emerges from the grass. The predator is wrapped by the light and crushed like coal. A blue mist fades into the air as the light vanishes as fast as the star streaked the night sky.

The Blooming Light
The Blooming Light

Dusk sets in as luz reflects from a chained bell that dangles from the hilt of an oak sword resting on earth. Alas begins to awaken as sunlight grazes his face and he looks over the fabled sword that was forged from Nature’s properties. Light strokes¬†a flower that begins to bloom as the young man sets out with the supplies for¬†reconstruction.



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