The Prism Press Special: LUZ 37

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 37

A sudden drizzle ends the sunny afternoon in the woodlands, a boy is focused on the insignia of a derelict vehicle. The boy’s palm hovers through the shallow surface of the musty truck as he recollects an event. A falcon descends from the sky and takes refuge under the blooming leafage of a tree. The pattering rain is weak and the boy remains still in spite of the gathering clouds. Through Invierno’s bitter downpour a bell chimes a gentle hymen like robins on the start of Primavera.

Shine Through The Forest!
Shine Through The Forest!

Dwelling inside a cave is Alas who’s eyes grow heavy from fatigue and Girasole who stands before him. The maiden sensing the boy’s weariness allows him to rest and removes the chained bell that dangles from her wrist. Alas rests against a stalagmite pillar and nods to sleep as the girl places the bellĀ around his neck. Girasole knows that she must use her powers to help those without as The Light of the Forest. She assures Alas that they will meet again, and he’ll return the bell that now protects him. As the maiden’s luz vanishes she says, “Don’t give up! Continue to fight the darkness and find your light.”

Alas feels the last droplet of rain peter completing Invierno’s requiem. Emerging from his daze the young man shakes off the residual water as he leaves behind the relic of the past. As he sloshes through the damp earth he hears a jolt and the falcon flaps it’s wings as it screeches. The young man slightly turns his head when he hastily sprints as the old truck implodes. The boy evades the sudden combustion but rushes back to put out the lingering embers. He throws dirt on the weak flames and gathers stone to put a parameter around the truck to avoid their spreading.

The sun has set as the young man subdues the last of the flare after a long bout. After ensuring that he neutralized the threat Alas decides to investigate inside of the charred truck. There is a banging in the rear of the truck and the boy cautiously approaches the trunk to open. As he reaches for the handle the rear breaks off and a creature similar to the one from the bridge leaps out, quickly falling to the ground. Alas observes as the entity evaporates into a blue mist and is left to ponder it’s origins.


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