The Prism Press Special: LUZ 36

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 36

Light bounces off stalagmites from the glow of a cloaked maiden standing before a young man. The wounded boy is crestfallen as the golden haired girl returns his broken compass and offers some tender words. As the young man holds the compass the hands fall off, but the glass remains intact in spite of the cracks. Alas closes the cover after reading the inscription and clutches the compass in his hands as it resonates with Girasole’s essence.

It’s a sunny afternoon as a young man walks through a block carrying books when he trips on the pavement. Books are scattered all over the ground after the boy’s fall while someone lies in wait nearby. On a balcony is Miseria who tersely tells Alas not to make noise as she looks down on him. The boy picks himself up and walks off not looking back at Phalsada’s madam who seeks to conquer rather than extend a hand to all.

Essence of Light
Essence of Light

As the boy makes his way to a library he is greeted by his mentor who walks up to him. Cielo offers a hand with the books that Alas is carrying and shows him to a table where they can study. The duo spends the study session going over papers and exchange dialogue back and forth as they brainstorm ideas. The focus on the work and direct communication yields positive results as the boy has more than enough content for his paper. The sun has set as the two scholars exit the library when Cielo offers Alas an invitation to observe the constellations.

A prism shine dances in the air as the cavern’s stored minerals react to the aura of The Light of the Forest. Girasole extends her hand to Alas when the crystal bell hangs from her wrist like a bracelet. The girl speaks through the soothing chime and says, “The heart is difficult to read, yet easy to misinterpret. However, if deeds are consistent then they give a glimpse into the soul.”


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