The Prism Press Special: LUZ 34

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 34

Luz replenishes life as Gaia stares up at the soul of the sun that soars high up in the heavens. Treetops drip as ice melts from the passing Invierno. Terra begins to bud sprouts and winds sway the blades of grass. Water splashes as a fish leaps from the aqua body after snow drops down from a tree nearby a lake. A spectrum of light shines in the air as the lingering water rains down back into the lake and a falcon soars in the azure sky.

The avian creature glides through the evergreen mountain and returns back to its home at the flourishing base. Hovering over a tree the bird lands on treetop observing two people, one on a roof and one on ground level. Alas is on the top removing residual snow from the roof and rubbish from the gutters while the hermit holds down a ladder. The young man shovels off the last of the packed snow from the ceiling before climbing down the ladder that the elder supports for him.

Past midday, Alas is in the garden removing branches that were pulled from trees during the storm. After a long break the boy along with the hermit pounds dirt to soften it for the upcoming Primavera. The hermit instructs the boy to go gather wood and rock to build a fence for the garden. The young man heads to the forest heeding the botanist’s request accompanied by the falcon which guides him through the forest.


Upon gathering the lumber the young man ties them up and sets out to return to the hermit. As he stoops to pick up the materials a smashed compass falls from his pocket. He picks up the gift that was given to him long ago, and wonders if he’ll be able to call on the latent power without it. Alas holds out the broken compass as he reflects on the events in the cavern during the storm. He marches forward upon seeing a star in the center of the fragmented compass.



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