The Prism Press Special: LUZ 29

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 29

The frigid breathe of winter sends snow tumbling down from the tree tops. Flurries descend down on the terra burying the footprints that packed the early snow. The sounds of the forest drowned by the symphony of the snowstorm. A shade of cobalt claims the sky as the downpour continues. A light emanates during the eye of the storm, a bell strokes the air and a gentle sole marches through the harsh snow.

Deep within the cavern, icy water trickles down from the stalagmites falling on an immobile Alas. Silence reigns throughout the hollow mineral structure and darkness steadily slithers toward the young man. Ache spreads through the boy from the ploy that the doppelganger enacted upon him. Mustering his reserved strength Alas turns on his side facing the way he entered, but his eyes grow heavy.

Look Through The Lens, Seek The Light!
Look Through The Lens, Seek The Light!

Stars race across the night sky as Alas is on the roof with his companion and mentor. With a pad on hand Alas writes down a series of numbers that Cielo dictates as he looks through his telescope. Curious by his mentor’s methodology Alas asks for reasoning. As Cielo makes an adjustment to the scope’s alignment he says, “Seeking the grandest star is like finding the one light that moves your heart with truth and kindness. There is only one grand star that the soul seeks through the cluster, and only one heart that the star seeks. However, both must be on the same wavelength.”

A droplet of water falls on Alas’s forehead as he moves groggily on the ground. Exhaling to cope with the chill on his back, he opens his eyes upon hearing a bell in the distance. An aroma of the Forest’s flora eases the young man’s tension as a gentle light enters the cavern. Regaining movement Alas crawls to his pack to grab a canteen. The young man turns upon hearing the gentle chime, and spots the kitten that he encountered during the storm donned with a bell.



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