The Prism Press Special: LUZ 27

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 27

Sun shines over snow that blankets the mountain as Alas’s breathe takes form in the frosty air. He earnestly trains with the oak sword bequeathed to him. Blindfolded the young man maintains a defensive stance as he awaits a strike to emerge from the blinding snow. The wind blows through a tree causing powder snow to cascade down from their branches. As the last flake is about to touch the snow-ridden earth Alas charges toward a tree upon hearing snow packed in by steps.


The hermit hands over a blindfold to Alas as he says, “You must train… not to master your power, but rather in not misusing it. You mustn’t forget what it’s like be without power, so you don’t become enslaved by it.” Alas is baffled, however, the elder puts on the blindfold motioning with his hand for the young man to strike. Reluctantly the boy runs toward the hermit but he’s quickly knocked to the side by the veteran. His senior urges him to collect himself and counterstrike, but the greenhorn is knocked effortlessly once again. Removing the blindfold the elder extend a hand to Alas and tells him to train with that maxim.

In the heat of the moment Alas stops himself and removes his blindfold to behold a fawn standing by the tree he was running towards. A familiar floral scent blankets the air as the young man observes the fawn. He remains in awe at the rare sight of the delicate creature as it remains still. Alas takes notice of a bandage on the leg of the fawn that carries a warmth from a light of the forest.

As the fawn scampers off into the bushes the glittering shine vanishes along with the quelling fragrance of the forest. Alas begins to grasp what the old hermit wants him to gain from his training as he thinks of Girasole. Set to resume his training Alas walks toward his pack to grab a morsel when a sudden wind blows from nowhere. Taking cover in a nearby cave the boy mediates over the path that his training will lead to.


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