The Prism Press Special: LUZ 22

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 22

A falcon soars in the sky as the dawn light graces the forested mountain. Nimbus part as the sun rays pierce them and touch the towering trees. The falcon drops to a descent, nose-diving towards a lake and then picks up altitude as the tip of it’s wing grazes the water. Approaching a house the falcon gently lands on a tree branch and remains perched.


Diving In, The Tale
Diving In, The Tale

Inside the house the hermit continues the story of the mysterious warrior:

After the disappearance of the rebel La Rosa Del Invierno became obsessed in finding the warrior and employed all the resources that was available. However, the forsaken phantom was nowhere to be found, and so the center of La Invierno was driven into madness. Bickering┬ábegan within the group as the leader showed no interest for the followers but was only focused on pursuing personal agendas. Those who showed the slightest sign of opinion was viewed a threat as the word of La Rosa Del Invierno was law. Those who didn’t adore, and resisted were expendable in the eye’s of La Invierno.

The search for the forsaken phantom dragged on which lead to the attrition of the group. The soul was losing color and it was reflected on the original vessel of La Rosa Del Invierno. Those acting wickedly don’t have peace of mind. They live the rest of their days fearing their misdeeds will catch up to them while those endeavoring to do right face challenges that make them stronger. Eventually the group was disbanded as all the resources and manpower was lost in the pursuit of the forsaken phantom.

The hermit steps toward the fireplace and grabs the wooden sword that hangs on the mantle. He tells Alas that the saber is the legendary sword of Gaia that was used by the warrior erased from the pages. The hermit bequeaths the oak sword to the young man and tells him that he must train to master the art of the sword and harness his own power. As Alas takes hold of the fabled sword it begins to resonate with his compass.



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