The Prism Press Special: LUZ 21

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 21

Rain douses the mountains as a wolf sprints through a darkening forest using a strong olfactory to trail the scent of sunflowers. However, the pattering rain washes the flowery fragrance from the air and the tired Alas stops to rest when suddenly a distant light shines. Alas follows the light path feeling more fatigued as his sole takes another step. In spite of the rain he marches forward when he finds the familiar glow radiating from Girasole who rests under a tree. Upon taking a step toward the cloaked maiden the wolf begins to glow blue and vanishes into the stars.

The Forest and A Vanishing Light
The Forest and A Vanishing Light

Awakening the following morning Alas finds himself in the home of the old hermit as he looks up at the ceiling. He rises from bed and looks at a mirror to see his own familiar face. The scent of sunflowers and the chime of a bell were the last memories that carried over from the previous night. Walking down the stairs Alas is greeted by the hermit who offers him breakfast before asking to have a word with him. The young man follows the elder to the living room where they both face a wooden sword that hangs on a mantle above a fireplace.

The hermit begins to tell a story of a warrior erased from the pages:

The enigmatic warrior followed his own maxim and lived in resistance against the lure of the shadows. The warrior battled a myriad of enemies whom sought a bounty on his head placed by La Rosa Del Invierno. In each battle he’d make up what he lacked in numbers and counter the assaults with his tactical mind. After each contest he’d acquire a new spoil that he’d utilize for the next battle. He lived a solitary life as is the fate of a warrior rebelling against a force that wants to control everything from the earth to the heavens.

He’d battle for survival and hold on to the hope that one day he’d taste freedom. The day came when he’d be presented an ultimatum from a vessel for La Rosa Del Invierno, “You can stay and wait, or you can walk and leave.” He chose to leave expecting the opposition’s leader to honor their word, but alas he was still pursued. Armed with the oak sword of Gaia the warrior marched forward and the battles continued until one day he vanished.



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