The Prism Press Special: LUZ 17

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 17

The autumn leaves begin to change their color, it has been 4 seasons since the boy marched forward on his journey after the climatic storm. Having been invited to stay at the hermit’s residence in the mountain range. The boy decided take up the generous offer as he makes sense of what happened the previous night and tries to find an alternate path after the collapse of the bridge. Seeking to clear his mind the young man goes out for a walk accompanied by the falcon that soars above him.

Walking through the edge of where the wooden bridge stood the boy looks to find a progressive route that will set him back on his journey. Looking down in the river below where the troll puppet met its end, the boy sees scattered wooden planks on the fog covered crevasse. The boy wonders if there was an alternative to the needless destruction of the bridge. There are those who are willing to talk honestly without condition and free of coerce. Alas, there are those who seek conflict and destruction over direct negotiation that can lead to a unifying resolution.


As the boy surveys the remnants of the bridge, the falcon screeches signaling the boy of danger on the ground. The boy steps away from the edge of the cliff as a sudden gust of wind kicks up dust in the air. Having closed his eyes the boy spits out dust and opens his eyes just to be caught up in a fog. Unable to see his surroundings the boy remains where he stands and waits for the fog to clear before making a move. The falcon managing to escape the thick fog circles around the trees awaiting the boy.

In the fog the boy sees the troll creature streaming his vision as he remains seated on the ground. Leaves and branches violently flying toward him and emerald lights bursting in the distance. A tattered poncho flies past the boy and flames appear before him in the distance engulfing an object. Unsure of what to do the boy is compelled to draw out the compass in his pocket, but he’s unable to see it until suddenly it radiates with a blue glow.



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