The Prism Press Special: LUZ 15

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 15

Blades of grass graze an observer who lays on the earth while gazing up on the stars in the breezy night. Motioning an index finger on the sky the observers connects the twinkling stars together to form an image. As clouds pass overhead darkness overtakes the forested mountain. Getting up the observer goes to a neighboring lake to fill a canteen when something rustles in the tree branch.

The observer walks off in the opposite direction of the rustling tree, however, an impish ape leaps from the tree top. Catching a glimpse of the lone man the brutish ape bares its fangs toward the observer. The man tries to avoid drawing attention to himself as he walks off, but the ape shadows his trail. Swinging on the tree tops the ape gets within range of the fleeing man and gets ready to pounce.

Descending from the towering branches the impish creature nearly stomps the man with its feet but is evaded with a sidestep. Taking cover behind a tree the young observer tries to walk away backwards while not taking his eyes from the creature’s location. Frustrated at the evasion of the man the ape slams the dirt on the ground with its herculean hands. Shockwaves from the pounding reaches the man which causes him to lose his balance and step on a twig which snaps. From the distance the imp hears the snapping twig and leaps from the ground with its hands, launching itself toward the man.

Connecting Twinkling Lights Upon The Starry Sky
Connecting Twinkling Lights Upon The Starry Sky

The wind roars as the ape falls from the sky, and the man gives an exasperated sigh as he motions his index finger at the stars that emerge from diminishing clouds. A tiger leaps from the starry sky as it intercepts the ape. The ape is struck by the tiger and is drawn into the stars along with it. Having the quiet solitude of the forest the young observer returns to his camp site and removes a cover that veils a telescope. Stars shine their brightest in the darkest night. He looks on into the stars and connects them forming an ape.



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