The Prism Press Special: LUZ 13

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 13

Paper lay on a tarred floor ripped and crumpled where a burnt image of a skull rested. A profile of the nameless boy lays among them burnt at the borders. A door slams shut as a pair of frustrated growls exchange back and forth in a dim chamber. The boy’s latest counterstrike incensed the shadowed couple whom slam the contents of the room to the ground. Hysteria consumes the pair whom felt assured the boy would fall along with the puppet at the bridge. They stop thrashing to observe a screen which displays the boy who just climbed up the dangling rope to the top.

Wind blows leaves from a branch which descends, grazing the boy’s face. He lifts himself from the ground and looks up as he rises only to see Girasole’s face. She turns and playfully runs off into the woods, the boy gives chase. He follows the golden leaves that flutter about in the air trailing behind Girasole’s giggles. Sunlight pierces through tree tops and flash the boy’s vision only for a moment. After rubbing his eyes the boy loses sight of the golden leaves and the direction that Girasole was heading, but he tries to listen for her voice.


The Climb & Aftermath
The Climb & Aftermath

An acorn falls from a tree and lands on the boy’s nose; he opens his eyes to behold the angelic glow of the moon in the night sky. He quickly jumps to his feet to see if anyone is there but it is only him. He looks over to the edge where the bridge used to be, and remembers that he fainted from fatigue after climbing up the cliff. Having no sense of direction the boy takes out his compass to gauge his location in the night mountain and remains undeterred. Not giving up awakens a hidden strength that is seen in adversity.

Below the cliff a faint blue smog diminishes where the creature faded away, and the compass glows blue sending a jolt to the boy for an instant. In the distance, bushes can be heard rustling as something approaches the boy’s direction. Not wanting to deal with another adversary without rest from the previous bout, the boy rushes to climb a tree. Clumsily scaling the top the boy lays in silence on the branches to see what approaches his path.


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