The Prism Press Special: LUZ 05

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 05

Diving deeper into the woods the boy is smacked by branches as the darkness of night limits his vision. He follows the path of the breeze that strokes through his face as he enters fight and flight as he senses the source of the tremor which he evaded earlier that night. Rationing the water that he had on hand the boy starts to feel sluggish from the endless sprint. He stops and leans against a tree as he lifts his head upward to catch his breath. He opens his eyes and is able to make out the stars that illuminate the night sky as the clouds disperse.

Ignite Your Flame, Look Upon the Stars!
Ignite Your Flame, Look Upon the Stars!

The boy’s on a roof top one night standing behind someone looking through a telescope. He is indifferent to the beauty of the night, however his companion remains in awe at the sky and says to him, “Those who disparage others have given up and don’t dare to dream. You shouldn’t burnout, strive to reach for the stars.” A star streaks though the backdrop of the navy night which catches the young man’s eye.

A whistle from Zephyrus snaps the boy out of his night daze. With his heart pounding less erratic after the short stop, the boy notices a stream revealed from the starry lights and heads there to full his canteen. Quenching his thirst the young man tries to determine his direction through the stars but night clouds once again veil them. Sorting through his bag the boy calculates how long his supplies will last him through his venture in the deep green.

The night wind suddenly hollows and the boy feels a drop of sweat trickle down from the back of his neck. He reaches deep in the bag and finds a flashlight, but before he can flick the switch it’s knocked from his hand. A phlegm and snorting sound echo through the air as the boy springs to his feet only getting flung across like a tennis ball against a tree. Pressing a hand against a bruised shoulder the young man ponders how he will counter against an enemy he cannot see.


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